Pink Tourmaline Therapies
A Pink Tourmaline necklace is used to unwind tension and relieve congestion in any area of the body. The necklace is circled in the aura above the ailing area and sometimes placed directly on the area. Both women and men can perform and benefit from this therapy.

  • Preferably, one solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline rounded chips
  • Alternately, one Rubelle combination necklace


When you are experiencing any of the following -

  • Congestion in any area of your body, such as nasal or lung congestion, swollen lymph nodes, or swollen breasts
  • Tension in any area of your body, such as muscle spasms or chest tightness
  • Blocked or stagnant energy expressed as physical distress, such as localized back pain, uterine cramps, uterine fibroids, or skipped periods
  • Blocked or stagnant energy expressed as emotional distress, such as suppressed anger or an inability to cry and express sadness


In this therapy, you hold a Pink Tourmaline necklace in your hand and circle it above an organ or area of tension or congestion. The Pink Tourmaline unwinds the tension or blockage and brings the area into greater harmony with the rest of your body.

Tension manifests somewhat like a combination lock. The Pink Tourmaline's circular motion reflects the sequence needed to "open" the lock. To release the tension, the Pink Tourmaline might have to circle a certain number of times to the right, then to the left, and back again. The body dictates these clockwise and counterclockwise motions to the Pink Tourmaline. In this way, the Pink Tourmaline learns the "combination" to the area over which it is being circled. If Pink Tourmaline touches the skin, the unwinding motion occurs inside the body.

To bring a tense or congested area into greater balance with the rest of your body, the Pink Tourmaline uplifts the area. For example, if your body has an overall health level of what we may call "4," and one area has a health level of "3," this therapy can bring the level-3 area closer to the level of 4.

  1. Gently hold a Pink Tourmaline or Rubelle necklace in your dominant hand, with the necklace facing your body.
  2. Hold the necklace 3 to 10 inches away from your heart chakra for 10 to 15 seconds.
  3. Start treating the first area:
    • If you know which area you would like to treat first, move the necklace there and start circling it above the area. Keep your hand relaxed.
    • If you don't know which area you would like to treat first, slowly move the necklace up and down the front of your body. Keep your hand relaxed. Notice that the Pink Tourmaline wants your hand to stop over a certain area. When it does, start circling the necklace above that area.
  4. Continue treating the area, allowing your hand movements to be guided by the Pink Tourmaline and your intuition. For example, you may find that -
    • The direction of the circles changes, sometimes often.
    • The necklace moves in an erratic fashion.
    • The necklace wants to touch your body.

    In all cases, follow the guidance of the Pink Tourmaline and your sense of what it wants to do.

  5. When you feel that your hand is ready to come to rest or that a release has occurred in the area you are treating, move on to the next area that feels like it is calling for attention. Slowly move your hand up and down your body until the necklace is drawn to another area.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 - 5 once or twice.


Perform this treatment for 10 to 20 minutes every other day. Work on a maximum of three areas per treatment. If you find that you are drawn to treat the same area on subsequent days, you will work on a deeper level of tension there.