Pink Tourmaline Therapies
Although it is particularly effective for the female reproductive system, this Pink Tourmaline therapy provides a tonic for any part of a woman's body. A Pink Tourmaline necklace is placed on a disharmonious area of a woman's body to bring the area greater strength and harmony and to resolve the causes of the disharmony.


  • Preferably, one solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline rounded chips
  • Alternately, one Rubelle combination necklace

  • When any area of a woman's body is experiencing disharmony, such as pain, injury, or disease
  • When any organ or area of a woman's body, particularly a reproductive organ, is weak and requires strengthening


This therapy provides a powerful tonic for the area on which a Pink Tourmaline necklace is placed. Pink Tourmaline strongly draws the feminine ray and several color rays, including the white ray, to the body. These rays are pulled toward Pink Tourmaline with such great force that they, along with the energy of Pink Tourmaline itself, quickly form a protective shield around the placement area. This shield allows the body's defense mechanisms to relax. At the same time, the energy and light drawn to the area begin to unwind the tension and stress contributing to the area's physical disharmonies and starts dissolving them.

As Pink Tourmaline pulls the light from its ultimate source to your body, the light moves through the mental and emotional areas of your aura that correspond to the physical placement area. In the process, the color rays and Pink Tourmaline energy dissolve the negative mental and emotional energies associated with the area's condition. This is significant, because physical disharmonies are usually caused by disharmonies on inner levels. Pink Tourmaline's light dissolves both the causes and effects of an unwanted condition. For this reason, this Pink Tourmaline therapy can offer true and lasting changes after you have completed only a few treatments.

Placing Pink Tourmaline on a disharmonious area of the body also affects the area's negative-energy vortices in a way that is parallel to Green Tourmaline. When a physical area is painful, injured, or weakened, its energy becomes increasingly disharmonious, and a vortex of negative energy is generated in the area. This vortex spirals in an unhealthy direction. When you place Pink Tourmaline on such an area, layer after layer of the area's cells switch the direction in which their vortices are spinning, and their energies become harmonious again. (See Green Tourmaline Localized Tonic for Men, for more information on the beneficial effects of resolving negative-energy vortices.)

  1. Place a Pink Tourmaline or Rubelle necklace directly on your skin on the area you wish to treat -
    • If you wish to tone your entire reproductive system, place the necklace on your lower abdomen over your ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. Spread the necklace so that it covers as much of the area as possible.
    • If you wish to treat a painful or disharmonious area anywhere on your body, place the necklace in a neat pile on the area.
    • If you are using a Rubelle necklace, fold it so that the necklace forms a circle of continuously-connected Pink Tourmaline.
  2. Ideally, position yourself so that the Pink Tourmaline is exposed to direct sunlight, even if it is just the sunlight coming through an open window on a sunny or cloudy day.

    If sunlight is not available, the effects of the treatment will be similar but not as strong.

  3. Remove the Pink Tourmaline from the placement area.
  4. (Optional) Wear a Rubelle necklace around your neck between treatments, for ongoing support.


When performing this treatment in sunlight, keep the Pink Tourmaline in place for 20 to 30 minutes. When performing it without sunlight, keep the Pink Tourmaline in place for about 60 minutes. You can perform this therapy once a day.


If the area you're treating is also the most distressed organ in your body, you can enhance this therapy's effectiveness by wearing a Dark Green Aventurine necklace during and between treatments. The organ will be worked on from two directions, both from inside the body by the Aventurine and from outside by the Tourmaline.

(See Dark Green Aventurine for more information on how Dark Green Aventurine focuses its healing energies on the most distressed organ in the body.)