Pink Tourmaline Therapies
A solid Pink Tourmaline necklace is worn around the neck for a limited time to gain insight into a recurring problem or issue. Both women and men can perform this technique to help evaluate and resolve all types of issues, not necessarily those related to gender.


One solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline rounded chips

  • When you wish to gain insight into a persistent problem in order to evaluate and resolve it
  • When you wish to increase your awareness of your own role in an undesirable behavior pattern


When you wear a solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline, the gemstones' energy forms an energetic shield in your aura. This shield deflects most external energies, thereby protecting you from harmful emanations in the atmosphere. However, the shield created by a solid Pink Tourmaline necklace is so impermeable that it also disallows many of your own emanations to pass through it. Instead, the shield reflects your own emanations-positive and negative-back to you. When you look out at the world, the shield acts like a mirror reflecting your own state of consciousness. In the vacuum of external input, your own inner state is accentuated.

You can use this mirror effect to help you become more aware of your own attitudes and reactions to a variety of life situations. For example, if you're having difficulties with certain relationships, when you put on a solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline, you might find yourself becoming irritable and cranky. With awareness, you might see that the gemstone shield is mirroring your own irritability; you might then recognize that this irritability is a possible factor in your ailing relationships. By recognizing how you are contributing to the difficulty, you will have made an important first step toward resolving it.

Pink Tourmaline can be a powerful tool for self-awareness, because it can help you see that your reactions are reflections of your own state of consciousness. With this recognition, you can perceive aspects of yourself that previously may have been invisible to you.

  1. Wear a solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline around your neck.
  2. As you move through your daily activity, pay close attention to your reactions and emotions. Consciously identify your feelings, keeping in mind that they are reflections of your state of consciousness.
  3. If you would like help identifying your reactions, finding their causes, or seeking ways to resolve them, try one or both of the following -
    • Keep a journal of your feelings and experiences.
    • Seek out a friend, counselor, or spiritual guide.
  4. If your reactions or emotions become too uncomfortable, remove the necklace.


For this technique, wear the solid Pink Tourmaline necklace for no more than three days.

If you receive no insight by the third day, it may be advisable to talk to someone with an objective viewpoint, such as a counselor or friend, who may be able to recognize the traits that have been accentuated by the Pink Tourmaline. Seeing the situation from someone else's vantage can yield valuable insights.