Green Tourmaline Therapies
This Green Tourmaline therapy provides a tonic to a localized area of a man's body. A Green Tourmaline necklace is placed on any painful, injured, weakened, or otherwise disharmonious area to bring greater strength and harmony to the area.


One solid necklace of Green Tourmaline spheres or rounded chips

  • When any area of a man's body is experiencing disharmony, such as pain, injury, or disease
  • When any organ or area of a man's body is weak and requires strengthening


This Green Tourmaline therapy is not recommended for women. (Please see Green Tourmaline Therapy for Women for instructions).


This therapy provides a tonic for the area on which a Green Tourmaline necklace is placed. When an area of the body is painful, injured, or weakened, its energy becomes increasingly disharmonious, and a vortex of negative energy is generated in the area. This vortex spirals in an unhealthy direction. When you place Green Tourmaline on such an area, layer after layer of the area's cells switch the direction in which the vortex is spinning, and its energy becomes harmonious again.

Although the energy of the area's cells will no longer be spiraling downward, the cells themselves will not necessarily regain their health immediately. To restore the cells' health, the man may need to change certain behavior patterns or lifestyle choices. For example, he may need to improve his nutrition or receive other therapies. This additional healing support will strengthen and support the harmonious vortices and help them maintain their new direction.

  1. Place a Green Tourmaline necklace in a neat pile directly on your skin on the area you wish to treat.
  2. Ideally, position yourself so that the Green Tourmaline is exposed to direct sunlight, even if it is just the sunlight coming through an open window on a sunny or cloudy day. If sunlight is not available, the effects of the treatment will be similar but not as strong.


When performing this treatment in sunlight, keep the Tourmaline in place for 15 to 30 minutes. When performing it without sunlight, keep the Tourmaline in place for at least 60 minutes. You can perform this therapy once a day.


This therapy can be performed with either Green Tourmaline spheres or rounded chips. While both the chip and spherical forms work on one layer of disharmonious cells at a time, each shape has somewhat different effects.

When placed over an organ, Green Tourmaline chips work more forcefully than spheres and have a more cutting, penetrating action. As soon as the Tourmaline makes the vortex switch in one layer of cells, the chip shape compels the Tourmaline's energy to move to the next layer. Thus, chips move their attention from one layer to another more rapidly than spheres do.

Green Tourmaline spheres work in a gentler and more soothing way. Spheres also keep the Tourmaline's energy focused on a cell layer somewhat longer than chips, even after the cell's vortices have switched directions. This extra attention imparts some of Tourmaline's strength to the cells and helps maintain the vortices' movement in a more harmonious direction.


If you use the rounded-chip form of Green Tourmaline for this therapy, and the treatment area is also the most distressed organ in your body, you can enhance the therapy's effectiveness by wearing a Dark Green Aventurine necklace during and between treatments. This has two benefits: (1) the organ will be worked on from two directions, both from inside the body by the Aventurine and from outside by the Tourmaline, and (2) the Aventurine will help the organ's cells maintain the new, positive direction of their energetic vortices. Keep in mind that this will work only if you place the Green Tourmaline on an organ, and it is the same organ targeted by the Aventurine worn around your neck. Therefore, it's best to use Aventurine in this therapy only when you're certain that the organ you're treating is your most distressed organ. This is most obvious in cases of organ cancer or another organ disease.

(See Dark Green Aventurine for more information on how Dark Green Aventurine focuses its healing energies on the most distressed organ in the body.)