Blue Sapphire Therapies
Blue Sapphire is placed over the eyes to soothe eyestrain and to improve vision.

  • Preferably, one solid necklace of Blue Sapphire rondels
  • Alternately, one Lavender Fire™ combination necklace
  • When you wish to relieve strain or fatigue in your eyes
  • When you wish to improve your vision

When mental "garbage" collects in the head, it causes all the functions centered there to become malnourished, strained, and stressed. This includes eye function. The blue ray carried by Blue Sapphire disintegrates this mental garbage and disharmony while nourishing all parts of the head and enlivening their functions.

In this therapy, you place Blue Sapphire on your eyes, where it helps loosen and neutralize mental garbage and any other disharmonious vibrations that are burdening and straining them. As a result, this therapy soothes tired and strained eyes and improves vision.

  1. Lie down on your back. Ideally, position yourself so that your eyes are exposed to sunlight, even if it is just the sunlight coming through an open window on a sunny or cloudy day. Sunlight enhances the penetration of Blue Sapphire and blue ray energy into your body.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Place the center of the necklace over the bridge of your nose and arrange the two ends into spirals over each eye. Lay the ends of the metal clasp on your cheeks or above your eyebrows, and avoid placing them directly on your eyes.

Do not shine artificial light directly on Blue Sapphire or Quartz. No harmful effects will occur, however, if you perform this therapy in ambient artificial light.


When performing this treatment in direct sunlight, keep the necklace in place for 15 minutes. When performing it without sunlight, keep the necklace in place for at least 60 minutes. This therapy can be performed daily.