Quartz Single Sphere Therapies
Single Quartz spheres are placed on six special points around the navel, known as the Ancient Points, to reset and harmonize imbalanced biochemical and metabolic processes.

  • Six undrilled, unfrosted, optical-quality Quartz spheres (14 mm)
  • Non-plastic first aid tape
  • Hand mirror

Please click here for a Diagram of "Ancient" Point Locations.


When the physical body is experiencing any type of disharmony associated with a chemical or metabolic function in any system of the body

Examples of the many kinds of conditions this therapy addresses include:

  • Headaches (nervous system)
  • Cold or flu (lymphatic system)
  • Constipation (eliminatory system)


This therapy should not be performed as a preventive measure. Nor should it be used to help the body balance the effects of a broken bone or a strained muscle, since these conditions are not metabolic conditions.


The Ancient Points surround the navel in the form of a hexagon. These six points serve several important functions. One of these is to act as windows to the physical body's fundamental metabolic and biochemical processes. When Quartz spheres are placed on these six points, the body focuses on healing the relationships among these processes. Each system of the body is like one string of a harp. The changes initiated by the Quartz help tune the strings so they can play together in harmony.


  1. Lie on your back in a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Provide extra support for your neck, back, or knees, if you wish. Put the Quartz spheres, adhesive tape, and hand mirror at your side.
  2. Tape one sphere over each of the six Ancient Points to form a hexagon. (Please click here for a Diagram of "Ancient" Point Locations.). Cover as little of the sphere as possible with the tape.
    • The size of the hexagon varies slightly from person to person, but its shape and position are always the same.
    • For each individual and condition there is an optimal order in which to place the spheres. Though it is not essential that the spheres be placed in this order, you can use your intuition or a testing method, such as muscle testing, to discover this optimal order.
  3. Use the hand mirror to check the position of the spheres. If necessary, adjust them.
  4. Close your eyes, lie quietly, and relax for the duration of the treatment.
  5. Close your eyes, lie quietly, and relax for the duration of the treatment.


It is usually best to perform this therapy no more than twice for any one condition, ideally soon after its onset. Each treatment should last 30 to 60 minutes. Wait six to eight hours before performing the second treatment.

If, after the second treatment, the condition has not improved, do not repeat the treatment. This indicates that restoring harmony among your body's metabolic processes is not the key factor in regaining health. Therefore, a different therapy should be considered.