Quartz Single Sphere Therapies
Single Quartz spheres are used to uplift the health of the eyes by gently cleansing the eyes of disharmonious energies.

  • Two undrilled, unfrosted, optical-quality Quartz spheres (14 mm)
  • Towel, scarf, or stretchy headband made of natural fibers
  • Any kind of eye condition
  • Following another eye therapy

When Quartz spheres are placed on the eyes, the Quartz works in cycles. First it cleanses disharmonious energy from the eyes and surrounding areas, and then it establishes a new level of balance there. With each new cycle, deeper cleansing and greater balance is achieved.

In the cleansing phase of the cycle, the Quartz loosens and draws out any accumulation of disharmonious energy that may be adversely affecting the eyes. The Quartz might neutralize this disharmonious energy, or the energy might collect in the energetic field surrounding the spheres. During the cleansing phase, the Quartz spheres alternate between drawing disharmony from the eyeballs themselves and from areas behind the eyes. If the sinuses are contributing to the eyes' condition, the sinuses may also be cleared to some degree.

Following each cleansing phase is a phase of balancing and readjustment, in which a greater balance is established both between the two eyes and between the eyes and the areas behind them, including the sinuses and brain.

When the Quartz spheres are first put in place, their energies penetrate the area surrounding the eyes only to a certain extent. When this first affected area is cleansed to a certain degree, the Quartz works to re-establish balance there. And when a certain level of balance is achieved, the next cycle of cleansing and balancing is initiated. With each new cycle, the Quartz energy reaches farther - it penetrates either a larger area of the head or more deeply into the same, already affected area. Whether the Quartz expands the radius in which it works or works more deeply in one area depends on the individual's condition. In any case, the longer and more often the Quartz spheres are placed, the deeper into the affected area the Quartz energy will penetrate and draw out disharmony.

  1. Lie on your back and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes.
  2. Place a single Quartz sphere in the concave area between each eye and the bridge of the nose. Always place spheres on both eyes, even if only one eye is distressed.
  3. To secure the spheres in position, lay a towel over your eyes or tie a scarf or stretchy headband around your head. Using the scarf or headband will allow you to rest on your side without the spheres rolling out of place.
  4. Lie quietly and keep your eyes closed throughout the treatment. Do not open your eyes and look into the Quartz spheres.
  5. Remove the spheres, but continue to lie down with your eyes closed for a few minutes. This will give your eyes time to adjust before you get up and resume activity.

It is best to perform this therapy daily or, less ideally, every other day. The first time you perform it, keep the spheres in place for 15 to 20 minutes. Then gradually increase the treatment time until, after about six treatments, you are keeping the Quartz in place overnight.

If, for some reason, it isn't feasible to apply the spheres overnight, treatments should last a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes. However, if you only have 15 minutes to spend, it is better to apply the spheres for 15 minutes than to miss a treatment.