Quartz Therapies
This Quartz therapy gently eases headache pain by bringing additional life force and balance to the eyes and brain. By gazing through frosted Quartz spheres, strained eyes are also soothed.


  • One necklace of frosted Quartz spheres (8 mm, 10 mm, or
    12 mm)


When you are experiencing any of the following -

  • Eyestrain
  • Headache
  • Any condition that might benefit from balancing the flow of life energy inside your skull


Quartz is particularly useful for bringing additional life force and color rays to areas that are sensitive, such as the eyes and brain. When you wear Quartz around your neck, the life energy that it calls to your body cannot penetrate your skull. However, it can easily enter the brain through the eyes. This Quartz therapy eases headache pain and soothes strained eyes by drawing Quartz energy and all seven color rays of the life force into your skull and brain through your eyes.


Ideally, perform this treatment outdoors in direct sunlight.  If you cannot perform this therapy outdoors, look through an open window into an area where the sun is shining and not directly at the sun.

  1. Fold and layer a Quartz necklace as thickly as possible, so that when you hold it directly in front of your eyes, you see mostly the Quartz and the sunlight coming through it.
  2. Hold the folded necklace no farther than one inch in front of your eyes.
  3. Look through the necklace with a relaxed gaze into an area where the sun is shining. Do not look directly at the sun.
  4. If time permits, when you are tired of looking through the Quartz, lie down, close your eyes, and let the Quartz rest on your eyelids. Ideally, lie down in a lightly shaded area.


Do not look through Quartz directly into an artificial light source. No harmful effects will occur, however, if you look into a room where a lamp is turned on.


Practice this therapy for as long as it feels comfortable and as often as you wish.


If the above procedure aggravates your headache, but your intuition tells you that your headache will be helped by Quartz, follow the same procedure using moonlight instead. In this case, look directly at the moon through the Quartz spheres.