Malachite Single Sphere Therapies
A Malachite sphere is used in contemplation to learn about the mechanical workings of the Earth and its relationship to the atmosphere, moon, sun, solar system, and galaxy or to learn about the Earth's life forms. For maximum benefit, this technique is accompanied by contemplation on a prime number.

  • One undrilled Malachite sphere (12 mm to 18 mm) with clear, crisp bands and a distinct bull's-eye
  • Non-plastic adhesive tape
  • (Optional) One therapeutic necklace of Malachite spheres


When you wish to access and learn the information stored in Malachite


Malachite: A Living Library
Just as each organ in the body serves a specific function, each type of gemstone serves an energetic function for the Earth. For example, Leopardskin Jasper acts somewhat like the planet's nervous system, and Sodalight helps keep the atmosphere clean. Malachite also has a special purpose. It serves as a storehouse of information about the Earthabout the mechanical workings of the planet itself, as well as the planet's relationship to its solar system, moon, sun, and to a lesser extent, the galaxy to which it belongs. It also stores information about all of the Earth's life forms.

Malachite's wave-like emanations of energy are key to the way it gathers and communicates the information it stores. The black or dark green bands characteristic of Malachite's appearance initiate these waves. The waves travel through the planet, collecting information and sharing it with other deposits of Malachite. The exact mechanics of how Malachite stores and communicates this information is a subject for future research. In the meantime, people can access this information by performing the procedure described below.

Malachite's Wave Action
When you perform this technique, Malachite communicates with the part of your brain that is exercised when your attention is focused beyond the physical body, such as in meditation or during other spiritual practice. The Malachite sends its wave-like emanations of energy to your brain. In this technique, each time a Malachite wave reaches your brain, your brain is touched by certain frequencies, or packets of energy, containing information. Your brain reads the frequencies within these packets and copies them. Then the wave returns to the Malachite. The waves flowing back and forth constitute a communication between your brain and the Malachite.

Each time you perform this technique, your brain unconsciously grows more in tune with Malachite. At the same time, your brain copies more frequency packets. Eventually, your brain will have copied enough information that it will begin to see and recognize patterns of information forming. Your brain will use your native language to organize and sort out the patterns that the Malachite has allowed your brain to copy. This will allow your brain to consciously understand the information that has been translated from the Malachite.

The more you allow these patterns to be copied from Malachite, the more coherent the messages will become. The messages will become increasingly clear until you will simply begin to know the information. If you are a physicist, for example, you will start to have inspirations about how your field relates to the Earth. This will happen because a part of your brain will know what the Malachite knows. If, on the other hand, you don't have a scientific background but just enjoy gazing at the stars and contemplating the Earth's position in the heavens, your understanding and appreciation of these things will deepen.

  1. Ideally, wear a necklace of Malachite spheres around your neck for at least 24 hours before moving on to Step 2.
  2. Just before going to sleep for the night, gaze into the bull's-eye of an undrilled Malachite sphere for three to five minutes. (The bull's-eye is the center of the concentric circles formed by the Malachite's black bands.) Free your mind. Then visualize and feel wave-like motions emanating from the center of the bull's-eye and entering your eyes and brain. Visualize these waves flowing back and forth from the Malachite sphere and into your brain.

  3. Begin the contemplation process. Close your eyes and keep the sphere in the same position and distance from your face. Allow the waves to move through your brow chakra, into your brain, and then back again to the Malachite for about three minutes.
  4. As you do, perform one of the following:

    • Contemplate the specific kind of information you want to extract from the Malachite.1
    • Contemplate a prime number. (Prime numbers are divisible only by the number one and the number itself.)2
  5. Place the Malachite sphere under your pillow. With non-plastic tape, secure the sphere to the bed, so that the sphere's bull's-eye points towards your head. As you do, continue your contemplation and maintain an inward connection with the Malachite. This is important.
  6. Continue to contemplate as you fall asleep for the night. If your mind drifts, gently bring it back to the contemplation.
  7. As long as your head lies on the pillow, the Malachite will continue to work, even as you change positions during sleep. As your head moves, the Malachite will simply access your brain through different windows of the head.

1Guidelines for contemplating specific information

If you choose to learn a specific kind of information, for at least three consecutive nights gently contemplate the subject you have chosen. The subject should be clearly related to the life of the Earth or the relationship of the Earth to the cosmos. After three nights you can change to a different subject, or you may continue on the same subject for as long as you wish.

2Guidelines for contemplating prime numbers

If you choose to learn information through the contemplation of prime numbers, start with the number one on the first night, and progress to successively higher prime numbers on the nights thereafter. It is best to spend an increasing number of nights contemplating each number. For example, spend one night contemplating the number one, the next two nights contemplating the number two, the next three nights contemplating the number three, etc. (Of course, by the time you get to some of the higher numbers, you will be spending many nights contemplating each number, but this is the ideal.)

As you spend an increasing number of nights contemplating each number, you can refine your contemplation process in various ways. For example, on the first night you contemplate the number five, you can program your brain by thinking to yourself, "This is the first of five nights. I will accept the first of five increments of information from Malachite that resonate with the number five." It can also be beneficial to contemplate the relationships of the various numbers involved the process. For example, on the second night of this same sequence, could consider the number two in relation to five and/or the fraction two-fifths - for example, what it means and how it is associated with life.

If, for some reason you skip a night, you can simply pick up where you left off.


You can continue performing this technique indefinitely. Keep in mind that this technique requires commitment, especially when using prime numbers.


Immediately after completing this technique, it is important to restore the Malachite to its peak capacity by cleansing it of any disharmonious energies the body may have released in the course of treatment.

First remove any glue left on the Malachite by the tape by wiping the sphere with an alcohol-soaked pad. Then rinse the sphere in briefly alternating hot and cold running water several times, and dry it with a soft cloth or towel. If you are performing this technique daily, cleanse the Malachite this way several times a week; also, at least once a week, revitalize the Malachite and provide it with a deeper cleansing by placing it in direct sunlight for a maximum of one hour.


The information stored in Malachite is kept in sequences of prime numbers. The more complex and profound the information, the larger the prime number. Consequently, the transfer of information from Malachite to the brain is made much more efficient when it is categorized and organized by the contemplation of the prime numbers in an increasing sequence. The contemplation of the prime numbers sets the framework, and then the vibration of the Malachite information pours in.

As you contemplate the relationships among these numbers, you build new pathways for Malachite's information. These pathways create storage space and make incoming information more readily accessible to the brain. They also allow information already contained in the brain to better sort itself. Remember, for you to conceptualize the thoughts, the information will have to be translated into a language you can understand.

When you look into a Malachite sphere's bull's-eye and feel its wave emanations flowing to and from your brain, the information tied to the lower prime numbers will be copied first. The brain will recognize the patterns of lower numbers first, because it is easier to see the whole of smaller numbers. Information tied to the larger prime numbers will take the brain longer to sort out, organize, define, and translate into your native language; the higher the number, the more sessions it will take. Although it takes more time, this information is much more encompassing, and its ramifications can be much more profound. For example, 19 is the prime number that Malachite uses to store information about humankind on this planet; thus, the number 19 opens the door of the human element. Another example is the number 257. This number opens the door to information about the planet as a whole and to the Earth as a unique being.


Having a Malachite sphere near the head and focusing its wave motion on the brain may keep some people awake or lull others into a deep sleep. If you experience any difficulty falling asleep, first determine whether it's simply because you are excited about performing the technique or because you are being stimulated by the Malachite. If you find that the Malachite is indeed keeping you awakeand it's not just because you're excited - try performing the technique with a smaller sphere.


The spherical form of Malachite is by far the easiest form from which to extract information. Spheres with clear, crisp black bands will provide clear, crisp information. Also, the larger the sphere, the easier it will be to extract and understand the information associated with the larger prime numbers.

It is also easier to extract Malachite's information after its protective polish has been removed. Water will remove this polish. However, removing the polish will limit the durability of the sphere and eliminate its shiny luster. In time, the polish will wear off naturally as the spheres are worn, touched, and rubbed.