Malachite Therapies
This Malachite therapy awakens the entire body to the presence of distress or disease in a particular area. A Malachite necklace is placed on an ailing area to help dissolve the area's deep-seated disharmonies, to bring the area into greater harmony with the rest of the body, and to improve communication throughout the entire body.


One solid necklace of Malachite spheres (8 mm or 10 mm)


When you are experiencing any of the following in a localized area of your body

  • Pain or tightness
  • Disease
  • Congestion
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • A chronic injury

When an area of your body seems heavily burdened

When you feel that an area of your body is out of harmony with or disconnected from the rest of your body


Wherever you place Malachite on your body becomes the epicenter of the Malachite's wave emanations. Placing Malachite on an ailing part of your body awakens your entire body to the presence of distress or disease in the area.

This awakening gives your body the opportunity to marshal its forces to resolve the condition.

Malachite's wave-like motion stirs and breaks up anything in the way of establishing and increasing harmony, both within the distressed area and between the area and the rest of your body. The Malachite gradually wears away physical and energetic blockages and eliminates stagnation. In this way, the Malachite soothes and helps heal the area while bringing it into greater harmony with the rest of your body. With increased harmony, all parts of your body will know what is happening in every other part, making it much easier for your body to call its forces together to combat any disease.


Place the Malachite necklace in a neat pile directly on your skin on the area you wish to treat.


For the first treatment, keep the Malachite in place between 20 and 30 minutes. You may increase the length of subsequent treatments up to one hour. Perform treatments once or twice a day, as needed.