Lavender Therapies
The head is encircled with a Lavender necklace to form a special gemstone tool, known as a tisrati. Wearing a Lavender tisrati helps clarify the mind, heighten awareness, and encourage spiritual awakening. By promoting the healthy realignment of the skull bones, the tisrati can also relieve headache pain.

  • One necklace of Lavender spheres (6 mm, 8 mm, or 10 mm)
  • (Optional) A second necklace of Lavender spheres (6 mm, 8 mm,
    10 mm, or 12 mm)


Please click here for a Diagram of Chakra Locations.


When you wish to do either of the following

  • Improve your mental clarity
  • Heighten your spiritual awareness and experiences

When you are experiencing a headache caused by any of the

  • Tightness or pressure, such as sinus pressure
  • Too much emotional or mental activity
  • Misalignment of your skull bones
  • A chakra imbalance


In this technique, you encircle your head with a Lavender necklace and form it into a special gemstone-therapy tool, known as a tisrati.

Wearing a Lavender tisrati enhances the flow of energy and information between your brow and crown chakras. This augmented flow helps to clarify your mind, heighten your awareness, and encourage spiritual awakening. In most people today, the connection between the brow and crown chakras is closed or inhibited. To ensure that this connection is open and ready for the tisrati, you first prepare these chakras by placing the Lavender on your crown chakra.

Wearing a Lavender tisrati also creates an opening for additional life force to flow into all your chakras. This brings healing energy to your physical body and to all your inner aspects, while improving their myriad interactions.

A tisrati focuses Lavender's aligning effects on your head and the bones of your skull. By encouraging a subtle readjustment of your skull bones, a Lavender tisrati can help relieve pressure in the head and open the area to more life force.

  1. Hold a Lavender necklace in a pile on your crown chakra (please click here for a Diagram of Chakra Locations).  Do this for several minutes.

    If you are treating a headache and this relieves the pain, keep the Lavender there for as long as you wish.

  2. Form the necklace into a tisrati:
    • Encircle your head with the necklace so that it lies across your brow chakra and above your ears.
    • Secure the necklace, making sure that it fits loosely but stays in place. Fasten the necklace at the back of your head with a natural-fiber tie, allowing the excess portion of the necklace to fall straight down toward your spine.
  3. (Optional) Place a second Lavender necklace around your neck while wearing the tisrati. This strengthens the tisrati's effects.


You can wear the Lavender tisrati for as long as it feels comfortable.