Lavender Single Sphere Therapies
A Lavender sphere is placed on a painful, tight, or misaligned area to soothe pain and strongly promote healing. The Lavender's energy opens a passageway from the subtle bodies to the physical body, allowing more life force to flow to the distressed area. This therapy is particularly helpful for painful joints.


One or more Lavender spheres (4 mm to 8 mm)

Note: The larger the spheres used, the more swiftly and deeply this therapy will work.


When you are experiencing any of the following in a localized area of your body

  • Pain
  • Injury
  • Tightness or muscle strain
  • Structural misalignment
  • Joint pain caused by arthritis, injury, or another condition


When you place a Lavender sphere on a painful, injured, or tight area, the Lavender's energy opens a passageway from your inner dimensions, or subtle bodies, to your physical body, allowing more life force to flow to the ailing area. As it opens this pathway, the Lavender also awakens each body to the next subtler body. This inspires all the bodies - physical, emotional, causal, mental, and intuitive - to align with each other and improve their cooperation.

As the ailing area receives more life force, it is encouraged to open, relax, and accept this healing energy. Pain is soothed. If the area is suffering from any kind of misalignment, such as a structural or skeletal misalignment, the Lavender's aligning influence encourages the area to realign itself.

This therapy is particularly effective for soothing painful joints, such as those in the hands, feet, and spine. In arthritic joints, the influx of life force can help ease inflammation and thus relieve pain.

  1. Place a Lavender sphere on the area you wish to treat, preferably directly on your skin.
    • If you are treating a joint, place the sphere in the hollow of the joint rather than directly on the bone.
    • If you are treating a bone, place the sphere in soft space or depression immediately next to the bone.
  2. Tape the sphere to your skin using a non-plastic first aid tape.


Keep the Lavender on the treatment area for as long as you wish - indeed, the longer, the better.