Indigo Therapies
An Indigo necklace is placed on a localized area of the body to the dissolve mental energies that have accumulated there and that are disrupting the area's health and inhibiting its recovery.

  • One solid necklace of Indigo spheres (4 mm or 6 mm)
  • (Optional) Scarf, elastic bandage, or stretchy headband

  • When the healing of a localized area is inhibited by mental energies, or thought-forms, especially those regarding the area's condition
  • When an ailment in a localized area is associated with weakened structural components, such as bones, ligaments, muscles, or fascia


When you place Indigo on a localized area of your body, the Indigo helps remove the disharmonious mental energies embedded in the area's cells. These energies of mental origin clutter the area, disrupting its health and inhibiting its recovery.

They include negative thoughts, attitudes, and concepts specific to the area that may have been generated by you or by others in your environment. They also include random mental energies that you've picked up from the atmosphere.

Every cell in your body has its own "blueprint." This blueprint is an energetic picture of the cell's optimal state of health. Illness occurs when the cell's structure or functioning strays from this ideal. The blueprints themselves are never altered or distorted by disease. No matter how sick your cells may be, each of them retains its blueprint for optimal health.

The Indigo placed on your body sets up a cyclical flow of its own energy through all your inner dimensions to the highest level of your mind. As the Indigo energy cycles back to the gemstones, it collects thought-forms from throughout your being that are impinging on the ailing area. In this way, it frees the area from the disrupting influence of mental clutter. Perhaps more important, the Indigo energy also exchanges blueprint information about all the cells it touches. This sparks all the cells to take action to move toward a more optimal state of health.


Curl an Indigo necklace into a neat mound and place it on the area you wish to treat. With your right hand, hold the Indigo in place directly on your skin. To keep the Indigo in place for a long period, secure it with a natural-fiber scarf, bandage, or headband.


Keep the Indigo in place for at least 10 minutes and for as long as you wish thereafter. The longer you keep the Indigo in place, the more deeply and thoroughly it will work.