Emerald Therapies
Emerald energy and the green ray are infused into a distressed or diseased area of the body to uplift the area's health and to neutralize the disharmonious energies that have collected there.


  • One solid necklace of Emerald rondels
  • (Optional) Lamp with a halogen or full-spectrum incandescent bulb

  • When you are experiencing any kind of moderate to severe disharmony in a localized area of your body, such as that found in tumors or a congested or diseased organ
  • When you are experiencing acute symptoms or the flare-up of a chronic condition in a localized area of your body


When you wear an Emerald necklace around your neck, it finds all areas that require its attention and disintegrates disharmonious energy there. When you place the necklace on a specific organ or area, as you do in this therapy, you focus the Emerald's healing work on that area. Using a light source enhances the ability of the Emerald energy to penetrate your body.

This therapy infuses life-giving Emerald energy and green-ray nourishment into a distressed area of your body. There, it neutralizes the area's negative energies and strongly supports physical healing.

  1. Place the Emerald necklace directly on the area of your body most affected by the condition or on an associated organ. Arrange the necklace into a flat spiral and place it directly on your skin.
  2. Lie in the sun so that the Emerald is exposed directly to the sunlight. Do not cover the Emerald.

    If sunshine is not available, the best alternative is to shine a halogen or full-spectrum incandescent bulb directly on the Emerald. Place the bulb 6 to 12 inches away from the gemstones. Allow the warmth of the bulb to penetrate the Emerald and warm your skin.

  3. When you have completed the infusion treatment, immediately place the Emerald around your neck. Wearing a solid Emerald necklace between infusion treatments will strongly support your recovery.


Perform infusion treatments once or twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes each. You may place the Emerald on the treatment area and lie in the sun during the day, and then place the Emerald a second time in the evening, with or without the artificial light.

If your illness is severe, wear the Emerald necklace around your neck for at least several months, and possibly several years, after your symptoms have subsided.

If you are treating acute symptoms or the flare-up of a chronic condition, wear the Emerald necklace until the condition is resolved.


Never use artificial light to infuse Emerald energy into your chakras or your head; only sunlight should be used for this purpose. If you wish to perform this treatment on your chakras or head, but no sunlight is available, simply hold the Emerald in place. Without sunlight, you will have to keep the Emerald in place much longer to achieve the same effects.


When you apply the Emerald in the sun, it is cleansed while it works for your body. When you apply it under artificial light, this cleansing does not occur.

If you can only perform this treatment using artificial light, immediately after each treatment -

  • Rinse the Emerald under alternating hot and cold running water.
  • Pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Immediately place the Emerald around your neck.

Again, the Emerald should never leave your aura. Particularly when you are experiencing severe physical disharmony, you cannot afford to lose the Emerald's support by removing it from your aura and placing it outdoors for cleansing.