Emerald Therapies
Placing an Emerald necklace on a painful area of the head brings healing Emerald energy and green-ray nourishment to the area, helps neutralize disharmony, and eases pain.


One solid necklace of Emerald rondels




This Emerald therapy eases headache pain and neutralizes disharmony by bringing healing Emerald energy and green-ray nourishment to your head.


  1. Form an Emerald necklace into a neat pile or spiral, and place it directly on a painful area of your head.

    If the necklace is long enough, you may wrap it around your head as a tisrati.

    • Encircle your head with the necklace so that it lies across your brow chakra and above your ears.
    • Secure the necklace, making sure that it fits loosely but stays in place. Fasten the necklace at the back of your head with a natural-fiber tie, allowing the excess portion of the necklace to fall straight down toward your spine.

  2. Lightly secure the necklace in place with a natural-fiber headband or bandana.


Be careful not to infuse too much Emerald energy into your head during any given treatment. Adjust your treatment time according to the weight and quality of the Emerald in your necklace. The heavier the weight and the higher the quality, the less time you will need to keep the Emerald in place. For example, you should apply Fine-quality Emerald that is less than 35 carats for up to one hour maximum every three hours; you should apply 90 or more carats of Exquisite-quality Emerald for a maximum of several minutes every 15 minutes.

If you feel any discomfort at any time, remove the necklace immediately.