Citrine Therapies
Placing Citrine on the crown chakra while performing a movement exercise helps "unwind" tense muscles, thus allowing the bones and joints to move into greater alignment.


One or two solid necklaces of Citrine rounded chips


Please click here for a Diagram of Chakra Locations.


When you are experiencing any of the following in your head, neck, jaw, shoulders, back, or hips -

  • Tightness or pain caused by strain or injury
  • Stress-related tightness and structural misalignment

When you want to supplement other spinal-alignment therapies, such as chiropractic and cranio-sacral treatments


In this technique, Citrine and yellow ray energy, in combination with physical movement, help you relieve muscular tightness and achieve better head, neck, and spinal alignment, When you hold Citrine on your crown chakra, its energy flows down your spine and then back up the spine's sides to collect in your neck and head. When enough energy has gathered there, it begins to encourage and guide the movement of your head, neck, shoulders, and back. As you move and these areas receive an influx of yellow ray, the areas "unwind" and release the blockages to the yellow ray that have contributed to their misalignment.

If you have held Citrine on your head for a while, you may notice that your head feels heavier when you remove the Citrine, even though the gemstones' weight is gone. Then, when you replace the Citrine, your head may feel lighter again. Citrine's energy and the effect of the yellow ray on the crown chakra create this effect.

The greater your deficiency or blockages in the flow of yellow ray, the longer it will take for you to achieve better alignment.

  1. Ideally, wear a Citrine necklace around your neck for several days.

    This technique works more quickly and effectively when you perform Step 1 before going on to Step 2. However, if you are very flexible or especially sensitive to gemstone energy, you may be able to skip this step and still derive the full benefits of the treatment.

  2. Stand up in an area where you can move the upper part of your body without bumping into anything. Close your eyes, if you wish.
  3. Remove the Citrine necklace from around your neck.
  4. Bunch the necklace in your right hand, and hold it on your crown chakra for a minute or two (Please click here for a Diagram of Chakra Locations.).
  5. While continuing to hold the Citrine on your crown, gently move your head back and forth or in a circular motion. Let your mind relax, and let go of all thoughts. Perform this step for a minute or so.
  6. Allow Citrine's energy to guide the movements of other parts of your body.

    Let your head, neck, shoulders and back move, stretch, and twist.

    • If you wish to decrease the intensity of the treatment, switch hands and place your left hand over the Citrine. This will slow down the rate and intensity of change in your spine.
    • If you wish to increase the intensity of the treatment, add a second necklace to your crown. Do this only after you have first tried using a single necklace.
  7. When you feel that your body has completed a cycle of "unwinding," remove the Citrine from your head.
  8. To maintain the treatment's benefits, wear the Citrine around your neck between treatment sessions. This will counteract your body's tendency to tighten up and become misaligned again.


The first time you perform this technique, practice it for approximately 15 minutes. You may gradually increase the time with subsequent sessions. You can perform this technique daily.

If you have chronic structural imbalances of the neck or head, it may be helpful to keep the Citrine on the top of your head for several hours a day between treatments. This will encourage further unwinding, but at a much slower and gentler rate. You may wear the Citrine under a natural-fiber hat or fastened around a bun of hair, using a natural-fiber tie. If you start to feel uncomfortable or spaced out, remove the Citrine from your head and wear it around your neck. Wait a day or two and then try placing it on your head again.