Citrine Therapies
Citrine is used to relax tightness in a localized area of the body. This therapy can be used as either a primary treatment or a pre-treatment for another therapy. A Citrine necklace is held with the left hand and applied to the body and in the aura.


One or two solid necklaces of Citrine rounded chips


Please click here for a Diagram of Chakra Locations.

  • When a localized area of your body is stiff, tight, painful, or in spasm
  • When a localized area of your body has continually resisted the effects of other therapies
  • When you wish to prepare for another therapy whose effects will be focused on a localized area of your body


The influence of the yin force, as described in Oriental medicine, is to expand, loosen, and relax whatever it acts upon. When Citrine is applied with the left hand, as it is in this therapy, the yin aspect of the yellow color ray is emphasized. As a result, the body releases tension, relaxes, and becomes more receptive both to Citrine and to any therapy that may follow this treatment. The Citrine energy also works to increase flexibility in the treated area.

A relaxed body is more receptive to change. Therefore, achieving relaxation before a treatment can increase the treatment's effectiveness. For example, if your back muscles are rigid and tight when you receive a chiropractic adjustment, your muscles will resist the manipulation and may even react painfully. On the other hand, if your muscles have first received a treatment to relax them, the adjustment will accomplish more and do so more comfortably. The resulting changes will also be incorporated into your body and inner aspects with less resistance.

This is true even if the relaxation is energetic and not physical. When you hold Citrine over an area with your left hand, the area's energetic structure relaxes almost immediately. The time it takes for this relaxation to filter into the physical structure depends on the individual and on the condition involved.

  1. Either lie down or sit up so that you have access to the area you wish to treat.
  2. Place a Citrine necklace in a pile over the area and hold it in place with the palm of your left hand.
  3. With your left hand, lift the Citrine a few inches from your body. Hold the necklace so the Citrine is facing your body. Allow your hand to circle or spiral the Citrine over the area by sensing and following your body's natural energy flows.
    • The Citrine may circle clockwise or counterclockwise, it may alternate directions, or it may move in other ways.
    • If you cannot feel your body's energy moving the Citrine, circle the Citrine as if you were massaging the air above the area.
  4. Return the Citrine to the original placement area on your body, and hold it there with your left hand.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 two or three times.
  6. Wear the Citrine necklace around your neck, ideally for at least an hour.


Perform Steps 2 - 4 for 30 seconds to 3 minutes each.

Allow at least 10 minutes to complete the entire treatment. However, if time is very shortespecially if you are performing this as a pre-treatmentit is better to apply the Citrine for two or three minutes than not at all.

The longer the treatment, the deeper the relaxation will bebut only up to a point. This therapy can take your body only to a certain level of relaxation and receptivity per treatment session; once this level is reached, the Citrine will not produce any more effects. Most people reach their level of maximum receptivity within about 30 minutes. Therefore, it is more effective to perform this therapy several times a day than to perform individual treatments longer than 30 minutes.


The chakras are particularly receptive to Citrine's energy. You can perform the above procedure on any or all of your seven chakras. This treatment will greatly benefit any chakra that is stuck or tightly shut. The Citrine energy will gently massage the chakra and stir it open. This is especially true of the stomach chakra. (Please click here for a Diagram of Chakra Locations.