Amethyst Therapies
Amethyst is used in conjunction with creative visualization to loosen the energetic knots and patterns that bind difficult circumstances to one's life.

  • Preferably, two solid necklaces of Amethyst spheres (6 mm, 8 mm, or 10 mm)
  • Alternately, one solid necklace of Amethyst spheres (6 mm, 8 mm, or 10 mm)


When you are experiencing a life situation that is difficult, restrictive, or otherwise undesirable, and you want help growing beyond it


This Amethyst technique helps loosen the energetic knots and patterns that bind difficult circumstances to your life. Sometimes, even when you consciously want to change a situation, you may put up unconscious inner resistance. On a certain level, most people are comfortable with the habits and cycles of action and reaction to which their karma keeps them bound. Your spiritual aspect and mind may recognize the need for growth, but your body and emotions rely on familiar cycles for stability; they crave consistency, habits, and predictable outcomes.

When you practice this Amethyst technique, Amethyst energy enters the dimension of your being in which your karmic patterns are stored. There, the Amethyst energy does not change the patterns or cycles that are associated with the undesirable situation. Instead, it awakens and imparts wisdom of a higher reality. The Amethyst energy uplifts the energetic fabric of your karmic dimension and sparks its consciousness. This upliftment allows you to glimpse the limitations of cycles, habits, and predictability. This may happen consciously or unconsciously.

This upliftment, or growth, may be likened to the growth of a child's foot. The karmic patterns are like the child's shoe: it does not grow along with the foot. Under normal circumstances, the foot naturally outgrows the shoe, and the shoe is discarded. However, unlike shoes, discarding a karmic pattern can sometimes be a struggle. If someone has been reluctant to embrace his own growth, the energetic ties to the pattern - its "shoelaces" - may become tightly knotted. When this happens, the shoe becomes painfully tight but cannot be removed quickly. Situations in the person's life become increasingly intense and uncomfortable but cannot be resolved until the karmic pattern is released.

In this case, conscious intervention will be required to untie the laces so the shoe can be removed. This Amethyst technique provides that conscious intervention, and Amethyst's energy hastens the untying and release of undesirable karmic patterns.


Using two Amethyst necklaces instead of one for this technique significantly increases the treatment's effectiveness.


  1. Hold an Amethyst necklace in the palm of each hand. Make fists, so that much of the Amethyst contacts your palm chakras. If you have only one necklace, grasp half the Amethyst in one hand and half in the other.
  2. Feel the Amethyst energy moving up your arms, through your shoulders, and into your head.
    • As the Amethyst energy moves through your upper torso, neck, and head, feel it loosen and open the lines of energy there.
    • Visualize the Amethyst energy swirling in your head and massaging open your crown and brow chakras. Imagine it coordinating your brow, crown, and throat chakras, so that they perform as a harmonious threesome. Then allow your heart chakra to join in.
  3. Imagine yourself as a child wearing a pair of shoes. The shoes you are wearing represent the undesirable situation you wish to move beyond.
  4. Imagine that the shoes are decorated with images. For example, on one side of a shoe might be a picture of you arguing with someone involved in the situation; the front might show several others involved; another side might depict another related circumstance; and so on.
    • Imagine as many pictures on your shoes as you wish until you feel you have a good representation of the whole situation.
  5. Notice the laces. How tightly are they tied? How big is the knot? Is the knot growing or staying the same size? Simply notice this.
  6. Feel the Amethyst energy moving up your arms and down your torso into the rest of your body. As it moves into your feet, feel your feet growing and putting pressure on the knotted laces.
  7. Take seven deep breaths. As you inhale, breathe in more Amethyst energy and wisdom. As you exhale, feel the laces loosen. With each inhalation, feel the Amethyst energy entering your entire being and flowing into the shoes' laces. With each exhalation, imagine the laces loosening and untying.
  8. Let your mind relax and wander for 2 to 5 minutes.
  9. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 twice.
    • When you are performing the cycle of seven breaths for the third and last time, imagine the laces fully untying and the shoes becoming very loose. When you're letting your mind wander, pay attention to your thoughts. You may sense an attitude shifting or some other change that is needed to untie the knots. Feel if you're ready to take off the shoes. If so, let them fall off.
    • During this mind-wandering time, nothing in particular may come to mind. This is okay, too. Your imagination may need a rest between the cycles of seven breaths. During these cycles you are accomplishing much work, healing, and revitalization.
  10. If you are unable to imagine the shoes falling off your feet, try performing the entire exercise again. You can practice this technique as often as twice a day, depending on how aggressively you wish to move beyond your situation.


If you are able to let the shoes fall off, be sure to wear an Amethyst necklace around your neck for support following the exercise.

If you are unable to let the shoes fall off, it is not as critical to wear the Amethyst afterward for support, although you may wear it if you are so inclined. Another gemstone may better support your resolution of the situation.

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