Amethyst Therapies
Amethyst is used to help draw the body's healing energies to an ailing area that has previously been ignored. An Amethyst necklace is placed on the area to awaken the body and inner aspects to the area's condition and thereby facilitate its healing.


One solid necklace of Amethyst spheres (8 mm or 10 mm)

  • When you have been ignoring or denying a physical condition that affects localized areas of your body, hoping that this absence of attention will make the ailment go away
  • When, for lack of time, you are denying your body any of its needs, such as regular meals or sleep, and that denial is negatively affecting an area of your body
  • When you are experiencing any of the above indications, and you wish to prepare the affected areas for another, primary therapy


Attention is a vital part of the healing process. When you ignore an illness or any other physical need, with the expectation that the absence of attention will make it go away, you deprive your body of healing energy. When you stop paying attention to an area, so does your body. As a result, your body launches little or no effort to resolve or remove the illness or malfunction. When your physical body shuts off to an area, it must be educated to focus there again. This therapy educates and awakens the body to send healing energies to a neglected area.

Inherent in every cell is wisdom. This wisdom is knowledge of the cell's "blueprint," or energetic picture of the cell's optimal state of health. Amethyst awakens the memory of the blueprint's existence and thereby imparts wisdom to the area over which the Amethyst is placed. This awakening spurs energies from the rest of your body to begin converging in the treatment area.

A habit of denying your body's needs can involve more than your physical body. For example, a habit of ignoring an illness may stem from an emotional block about self-love or self-nourishment; mental attitudes and entanglements may also be involved. When you place Amethyst on the ailing area, it draws the attention of the emotions, memory, and mind to the area. Even if only an emotional block is involved in the ailment, all your inner aspects will join together to help resolve the physical problem. This is because Amethyst also teaches cooperation. As Amethyst polarizes the body toward that which is spiritual, all aspects see the benefits of cooperating and working together.


Form the Amethyst necklace into a neat, flat spiral, and place it on the affected area.


Keep the Amethyst in place for 30 to 60 minutes every day.

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