Accelerating Change (Riverstone)
Accelerating Other Therapies' Effects (Riverstone)
Adapting To A New Environment (Agate)
Adjusting To Travel (Agate)
Adolescent Girls, Rubelle for (Rubelle)
Aid For Insomnia (Opalight)
Anchoring Positive Change (Quartzite)
Angelfire necklace
Animals, Dark Green Aventurine
Animals, Leopardskin Jasper
Animal-Human Relationships, Enhancing (Sodalight)
Aquamarine Water - Fountain of Youth
Artificial Light Vs. Sunlight (Quartz)
Attaining Wisdom (Amethyst)
Attention Deficit Disorder - A.D.D. (Sodalight)
Attracting Beneficial Influences (Leopardskin Jasper)
Attracting Life Force (Quartz)
Aventurine and Green Tourmaline (Green Tourmaline)
Aventurine, Dark Green
Aventurine, Dark Green and Emerald; Powerful Partners
Aventurine, Light Green
Aventurine's Work, Supporting (Bloodstone)
Awakening to Soul (Lavender)


Bad Habits, Releasing (Onyx)
Balanced Change (Libra)
Balancing the Female

Pink Tourmaline

Balancing the Male (Green Tourmaline)
Becoming Grounded (Onyx)
Becoming Heart-Centered (Rhodonite)
Blue Phoenix necklace
Blue Phoenix And Lavender Light (Lavender Light)
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire and Sodalight (Sodalight)
Blue Sapphire As A Spiritual Tool (Blue Sapphire)

Breanna necklace


Caution: Light Green Aventurine And Sunlight (Light Green Aventurine)
Caution: Solid Pink Tourmaline Necklaces (Pink Tourmaline)
Chakras, Approximate Locations of the Seven Major
Childbirth, Support In

Poppy Jasper


Adolescent Girls, Rubelle for (Rubelle)
Children (Dark Green Aventurine)
Protection for (Mother Of Pearl)

Citrine's Effectiveness, Increasing (Citrine)
Citrine, Sound Of (Citrine)
Clarifying Symptoms (Lavender)
Cleansing Programs, Support for (Lavender)
Cleansing Your Home Atmosphere (Sodalight)
Color Ray Healing

Fluorite Rainbow
Light Stream

Color Ray Nourishment

Lavender Rainbow
Ocean Rainbow

Confidence (True Self)
Connecting with Higher Truth (Lavender Light)
Connecting with the Ocean of Awareness (Aquamarine)
Consciousness, Higher (Breanna)
Consciousness, Using Roselle With (Roselle)

In Pregnancy (Quartzite)
Drugs And Dark Green Aventurine (Dark Green Aventurine)
Roselle And Gold (Roselle)

Cranio-Sacral Therapy In A Necklace (Lavender Light)
Creating Harmony Between Mates

Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline


Dark Green Aventurine

Dark Green Aventurine and Emerald; Powerful Partners
Dark Green Emerine

Deep Breathing (Dark Green Aventurine)
Developing Inner Freedom (Rhodochrosite)
Developing Intuition (Indigo)
Directing Leopardskin Jasper's Work (Leopardskin Jasper)
Drug Residues, Releasing (Light Green Aventurine)
Drugs And Dark Green Aventurine, Contraindication


Easing The Transition To Life's End (Aquamarine)

and Dark Green Aventurine, Powerful Partners
and Light Green Aventurine (Light Green Aventurine)
Order Of Work (Emerald)

Emerine necklace, Dark Green
Emerine necklace, Light Green
Emotional Transformation (Rhodonite)
Emotions, Healing

Ruby Dream

Emotions, When Releasing (Roselle)
Energetic Gaps, Identifying (Blue Phoenix)
Enhancing Human-Animal Relationships (Sodalight)
Enhancing Other Gemstones' Effects (Lavender)
Enhancing Sodalight's Effectiveness (Sodalight)
Enhancing Spiritual Practice (Riverstone)
Enlivening Your Body (Poppy Jasper)
Ensuring Balanced Change (Fluorite Combos, Purple Rainbow Fluorite)
Expanding Consciousness (Purple Rainbow Fluorite)


Finding Inner Peace (Radiant Heart)
Fluorite Rainbow necklace


Golden Leopard necklace
Good Times, Wearing Radiant Heart In (Radiant Heart)
Green Tourmaline

and Aventurine (Green Tourmaline)
and Women (Green Tourmaline)

Grief, Healing (Rhodonite)


Habits, Releasing Bad (Onyx)
Harmonizing the Body (Malachite)
Harmonizing the Heart and Mind (Lapis Lazuli)
Harmony Between Mates, Creating

Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline

Healing the Emotions

Ruby Dream

Healing Grief (Rhodonite)
Healing Inner Conflict (Rhodochrosite)
Healing the Heart (Ruby Rose)
Healing the Mind

Blue Sapphire
Lavender Fire

Healing the Physical Body


Healing, Protection During (Pink Tourmaline)
Health, Influence Of Patterns On  (Rhodochrosite)
Heart Treatments, Supplementing (Ruby Rose)
Help For Mental Imbalances (Insight)
Helping The Earth's Atmosphere (Sodalight)
Here and Now (Patience)
Higher Consciousness (Breanna)


Identifying Energetic Gaps (Blue Phoenix)

Chakras, Approximate Locations of the Seven Major
Placement Locations, Emerald Infusion for Systemic Conditions

Emerald Infusion Placements 1 - 3, figure 1
Emerald Infusion Placement 4, figure 2
Emerald Infusion Placement 5, figure 3
Emerald Infusion Placement 6, figure 4
Emerald Infusion Placement 7, figure 5

Increasing Citrine's Effectiveness (Citrine)
Influence Of Patterns On Health (Rhodochrosite)
Inner Conflict, Healing (Rhodochrosite)
Inner Light, Shining With (True Self)
Inner Quest necklace
Insight necklace

Blue Phoenix


Karma, Resolving During Sleep (Opalight)


Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli Tisrati (Lapis Lazuli)
Lavender and Quartz (Lavender)
Lavender Fire necklace
Lavender Light necklace
Lavender Light Supporting Blue Phoenix (Lavender Light)
Lavender Rainbow necklace
Leopard Magic necklace
Leopardskin Jasper
Letting Go of Attachments (Purple Ray)
Libra necklace
Light Green Aventurine
Light Green Emerine necklace
Light Stream necklace


Magic Gift necklace
Making Sodalight Yours (Sodalight)
Malachite Framed In Metal (Malachite)
Mates, Creating Harmony Between

Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline

Men and Pink Tourmaline (Pink Tourmaline)
Men and Rubelle (Rubelle)
Mother of Pearl
Mental Imbalances, Help For (Insight)
Multi-Dimensional Healing (Purple Eagle)


Nature's Nourishing Energies (Agate)
Negative Wavelengths, Protection From (Mother Of Pearl)
Nourishment, Nature's (Agate)
Numerical Influences In Radiant Heart (Radiant Heart)
Numerology And Roselle (Ruby Rose)


Ocean Rainbow necklace
Opalight's Supporting Role (Opalight)
Opalite (Opalight)
Opening to the Blue Ray (Inner Quest)


Patience necklace
Patterns, Influence Of On Health (Rhodochrosite)
Pharaoh necklace
Physical Healing and Purification (Dark Green Emerine)
Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline And Men (Pink Tourmaline)
Poppy Jasper
Powerful Partners: Dark Green Aventurine And Emerald

Dark Green Aventurine

Pregnancy, Contraindication (Quartzite)
Prenatal Awareness Technique (Aquamarine)
Preparing For A Special Event (Golden Leopard)
Preparing for Greater Spirituality (Citrine)
Preventive Therapy (Bloodstone)

During Healing (Pink Tourmaline)
During Travel (Pink Tourmaline)
For Children (Mother Of Pearl)
From Negative Wavelengths (Mother Of Pearl)
Rubelle For Health Practitioners (Rubelle)
Sodalight's (Sodalight)
Supplemental (Rubelle)

Purifying the Aura (Sodalight)
Purifying the Emotions (Roselle)
Purifying the Higher Mind (Angelfire)
Purifying the Physical Body (Dark Green Aventurine)
Purple Eagle necklace
Purple Main Ray (Breanna)
Purple Rainbow Fluorite
Purple Ray necklace


Quartz and Lavender (Lavender)


Radiant Heart necklace

Numerical Influences In (Radiant Heart)
Wearing In Good Times (Radiant Heart)

Rebirth (Blue Phoenix)
Releasing Bad Habits (Onyx)
Releasing Drug Residues (Light Green Aventurine)
Releasing Emotions (Roselle)
Resolving Egyptian Karma (Pharaoh)
Resolving Karma (Opalight)
Resolving Karma During Sleep (Opalight)
Revitalizing Your Being (Carnelian)
Rhodonite And Rhodochrosite (Rhodochrosite)
Rose Quartz (Roselle)
Roselle (Rose Quartz)

and Numerology (Ruby Rose)
and Rhodochrosite (Roselle)
and Ruby (Roselle)
and Ruby and Rhodochrosite (Rhodonite)
Using With Consciousness (Roselle)

Rubelle necklace

An Ideal Combination (Pink Tourmaline)
and Men (Rubelle)
for Adolescent Girls (Rubelle)
for Health Practitioners (Rubelle)

Ruby Dream necklace
Ruby Rose necklace


Sapphire, Blue
Sapphire, Blue and Sodalight (Sodalight)
Self-Confidence (Rhodochrosite)
Self-Worth (Magic Gift)
Shining With Inner Light (True Self)

and Blue Sapphire (Sodalight)
and Metal (Sodalight)
Making It Yours (Sodalight)
Sodalight's Protection (Sodalight)
Storing (Sodalight)

Soothing the Body (Light Green Emerine)
Sound Of Citrine (Citrine)
Spiritual Tool, Blue Sapphire As A (Blue Sapphire)
Spiritual Practice, Enhancing (Riverstone)
Stirring Primordial Memory (Mother of Pearl)
Strengthening the Immune System (Bloodstone)
Summer necklace
Sunlight Vs. Artificial Light (Quartz)
Supplemental Protection (Rubelle)
Supplementing Heart Treatments (Ruby Rose)
Support For Cleansing Programs (Lavender)
Support From Lavender Light (Blue Phoenix)
Support In Childbirth (Poppy Jasper)
Support In Childbirth (Riverstone)
Supporting Aventurine's Work (Bloodstone)
Supporting Inner Transformation (Golden Leopard)
Supporting Other Gemstones' Work (Agate)
Symptoms, Clarifying (Lavender)


Therapies and Techniques

Listed by Name

Answer-Receiving Technique, Lapis Lazuli
Aquamarine Water - Fountain of Youth
Awakening Localized Areas, Poppy Jasper
Background Emotion Technique, Sodalight
Blue Ray Infusion, Blue Sapphire
Body-Awakening Therapy, Amethyst
Body-Awakening Therapy, Malachite
Centering Technique, Sodalight
Chakra Awareness Technique, Onyx
Chakra Balancing Technique, Quartz
Chakra Clearing Treatment, Roselle
Chakra Door Therapy, Roselle
Chakra Therapies, Amethyst
Cleansing Infusion (Revitalizing and Cleansing Infusion), Carnelian
Congestion Release (Tension and Congestion Rel.), Pink Tourmaline
Decision Clarification Technique, Carnelian
Directing Aventurine's Benefits, Dark Green Aventurine
Discovering the Cause of Illness, Aquamarine
Dissolving Mental Blocks to Healing, Indigo
Emotional and Karmic Healing Technique, Aquamarine
Emotional Pain Resolution, Sodalight
Emotional Regulation Therapy, Rhodonite
Enhancing Another Therapy, Riverstone
Eye Condition and Insomnia Therapy, Sodalight
Eye Therapy, Blue Sapphire
Fertility (Gynecological Health and Fert.) Therapy, Pink Tourmaline
Footbath for Whole-Body Healing, Dark Green Aventurine
Green Tourmaline Therapy for Women
Gynecological Health and Fertility Therapy, Pink Tourmaline
Headache Therapy (Chakra Therapies), Amethyst
Headache Therapy, Dark Green Aventurine
Headache Therapy, Emerald
Headache Therapy, Quartz
Hydrotherapy for Men, Green Tourmaline
Infusion for Localized Conditions, Emerald
Infusion for Systemic Conditions, Emerald
Infusion of Earthtone Color Rays, Agate
Inner Hearing Technique, Citrine
Inner Hearing Technique, Rhodochrosite
Inner-Conflict Resolution, Rhodochrosite
Insight into Attachments (Chakra Therapies), Amethyst
Insight Technique, Pink Tourmaline
Insomnia Therapy (Eye Condition and Insomnia Therapy), Sodalight
Karmic Healing (Emotional and Karmic Healing Tech.), Aquamarine
Karmic Resolution Technique, Opalight
Life Force Infusion, Quartz
Liver Treatment for Alcohol Damage, Emerald
Localized Tonic for Men, Green Tourmaline
Localized Tonic for Women, Pink Tourmaline
Mental Imbalance Therapy (Chakra Therapies) Amethyst
Organ Cleanse, Roselle
Organ Detoxification, Dark Green Aventurine
Organ Detoxification, Light Green Aventurine
Organ Tonic, Light Green Aventurine
Pain Relief and Realignment Technique, Lavender
Pain Relief (Pre-Treatment and Pain Relief), Aquamarine
Pain Relief, Dark Green Aventurine
Pattern Loosening Technique, Amethyst
Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) Therapy , Sodalight
Post-Treatment Anchoring Technique, Quartzite
Prenatal Upliftment (Chakra Therapies), Amethyst
Pre-Treatment and Pain Relief, Aquamarine
Public Speaking Support (Chakra Therapies), Amethyst
Realignment (Pain Relief and Realignment) Technique, Lavender
Regulation Therapy, Leopardskin Jasper
Relaxation Support for Localized Areas, Citrine
Relaxation Technique, Aquamarine
Releasing Stress in the Heart, Roselle
Resistance Release, Rhodochrosite
Restoring a Healthier State, Quartzite
Revitalizing and Cleansing Infusion, Carnelian
Root-Chakra Grounding Technique, Onyx
Speech Support (Chakra Therapies), Amethyst
Spine Treatment, Pink Tourmaline
Spiritual Development Technique (Chakra Therapies), Amethyst
Stomachache Therapy (Chakra Therapies), Amethyst
Strengthening Localized Immune Response, Bloodstone
Support for Spiritual Focus, Quartzite
Tension and Congestion Release, Pink Tourmaline
Tension Release, Citrine
Tension Release, Quartzite
Tisrati for Spiritual Awakening, Lavender
Whole Body Tune-up, Emerald

Listed by Necklace
Listed by Indication


Lavender, for Spiritual Awakening
Lapis Lazuli

Tourmaline, Green
Tourmaline, Pink
Transition To Life's End, Easing The (Aquamarine)
Travel, Adjusting To (Agate)
Travel, Protection During (Pink Tourmaline)
True Meaning of Wealth (Insight)
True Self necklace


Unifying the Body (Leopard Magic)
Uplifting the Physical Body (Light Green Aventurine)


Wearing Radiant Heart In Good Times (Radiant Heart)
When Releasing Emotions (Roselle)
Women and Green Tourmaline (Green Tourmaline)