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"Gems for Friends"
This nice, informative little site offers information on a variety of alternative
healing modalities including the "Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals."
The author invites us to: "Discover the healing properties of gemstones and crystals.
Learn how to use these stones for true changes to your life using
gemstone and crystal therapies."

Its author states: "For me, gemstone therapies have energized me, healed illness,
helped me break bad habits and changed my life. This is true energy medicine."
The site offers this overview: "Gemstone Therapy Overview - Gemstone therapy is an
alternative technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns.
The theory is that gemstones carry vibrational rates. By placing these vibrational rates
within the aura - your aura's vibrational rates also change. Often the effects are indirect
but very potent. Other times, the effects are very direct and repeatable."
Has list of gemstones and their effects, mostly per Gemisphere Luminary,
which author sites as her favorite Gemstone Therapy reference.

"Jewelry Mall"
This is a site is sponsored by several gem and jewelry stores and presents a page on
Gemstone Therapy information authored by the same author as Gems 4 Friends.

"Pathways 2 Eden"
presents informational sections on various alternative healing modalities,
meditations, and inspirational subject matter.  A page is devoted to 
Gemstone Therapy and sites the Gemisphere Luminary as the author's favorite 
Gemstone Therapy reference.  The following introductory text is presented:

"Healers believe that gems and crystals can focus and enhance natural healing energy.
They work electromagnetically by strengthening each person's natural abilities to
heal themselves and to send, receive and store information and healing energy.
They are excellent personal growth tools that conduct universal energy, light,
intentionally and electrical energy for healing. They have the ability to amplify,
store, transmute, focus, and radiate high vibratory frequencies including healing
light, color, sound, image, and electromagnetic waves into our body's chakras and
energy fields. Gems helps to reduce blocks, bringing our mental, spiritual, emotional,
and physical vibratory frequencies into alignment."

"Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology" membership directory
includes Pauline Crouch as a member and refers to Gemisphere.
The purpose of the organization is stated as follows:

"Change within the health care field comes most readily from its professionals who
identify new trends and see the need for establishing credible practice in a new
direction. Such a time has arrived for the growing field of Energy Psychology.
Energy Psychology includes three major interacting systems:
1) Pathways (meridians and related acupoints); 2) Centers (chakras); and
3) the Biofield (aura). While there are many approaches to working with ach of these
three aspects independently, Comprehensive Energy Psychology embraces all three
interactive energy systems, and teaches treatment approaches for each aspect,
facilitating the best possible outcome for clients."

" - Healing Book Shelf"
has reference to Luminary

> Health & Fitness > Holistic Healing > Crystal Therapy: Healing Gemstones page
has reference to Gemisphere Luminary.

"The Gathering Web"
a resource site which has a link to Gemisphere on the page at this address.
The site's purpose is described as follows:

"This Web Site is for those people who are seeking their own personal spirituality.
It's only a central point for those searching for information, healers, teachers,
conferences and events going on, all around the world. It is dedicated to the growth and
enlightenment of all who enter here. As we all learn to become spiritually conscious and
activate our energy, it is important to have the support and resources that can assist us.
There are many wonderful healers, lightworkers, starseeds, shamans, teachers and students
contained in these pages. We each must share whats in our hearts with each other to help
transform this world. That process starts with all of us. Together we can spread the
vibration of love across the earth and universe. To each of you I wish you much
Love and Light as you walk down this path.
Because as it's been said 'No one said it was easy'"

"Conscious Growth dot com"
presents insights by "Manuella," in response to letters from users.
It has a gallery area with some artwork.  It has a page at the above URL which features
Gemisphere and Michael Katz.

"Namaste Cafe"
presents a variety of New-Age subject matter.
The site has a link to Gemisphere. The site desribes its purpose as follows:
"I am a proud moderator of an e-mail discussion list called Lightworkers;
Spreading the Light. As well as my Daily List, Serenity's Hope.
I offer this site to every member of these lists.
I have built it with you in mind and heart.
You all have brought so much joy and serenity to my life and I want to show my
appreciation for all your love and support. This site is also dedicated to ANYONE
that chooses themselves to be a Lightworker in this world."

"Earth Transitions"
a directory to goods, services, and information.  All kinds of pretty out-there but very
cool stuff.  Refers to Luminary on resources page.  States its mission as follows:

"This site is dedicated to highlighting some of those transformations from the old,
reductionist paradigms of separation, and competition, to newer world views of
interrelationship and interconnectedness of All Life. This site focuses on both
inner and outer "technologies" which are bringing about this tremendous planetary shift.

"Star Flower Essences"
offers a variety of products and information including the Geisphere Luminary.

"Independence First"
has links to various Alternative Medicine sites.
Has link to Gemisphere. It describes its self as follows:

"IndependenceFirst is a non-residential Independent Living Center operated by a
staff and board composed primarily of people with disabilities.
The staff and board's firsthand experience with disabilities provides a unique base of
expertise for effectively accessing, consulting and providing services to individuals with
disabilities and others in the metro Milwaukee area."

"The Crystals-Gate"
is Luxembourg-based site which offers crystals for sale.
Has reference to Gemisphere Luminary at this URL.

"Alternatives Magazine"
site is Oregon-based and had a reference (newly removed) to Gemisphere in its "resources"
section. It describes itself as follows:

"Alternatives Magazine is taking the American paradigm out to lunch. Alternatives works
(and plays) with the ideals and activism of our emerging culture and provides a forum
to express and/or locate the holistic ideas, goods and services that support a life well lived.
"Open Directory Project"