Therapeutic gemstones for
Mental Clarity and Expansion

The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is mental healing. Working with these gems can expand mental potential, clear the mind, increase the ability to focus, and help heal certain mental imbalances.

These gemstones are predominantly blue. They can help you:



Experience greater mental clarity



Focus more easily



Bring more order into your life



Harmonize your heart and mind



Clear out mental “garbage”



Improve memory



Expand the mind to its full potential

The therapeutic gemstone necklaces that focus on mental clarity and expansion include the following solid and combination necklaces:


Healing the Mind

Blue Sapphire nourishes, heals, and brings order to the mind. Its energy permeates the fabric of your mind, clearing out mental "garbage," teaching mental discrimination, and bringing clarity and perspective to your thoughts. The blue ray carried by Sapphire disintegrates disharmony in the physical head and profoundly benefits all functions centered there, such as the eyesight and hearing. Sapphire expands your mental potential and enhances your ability to distinguish between your mind and your self as Soul.

Healing the Mind

Lavender Fire offers the therapeutic benefits of Blue Sapphire and the blue ray, though to a lesser degree than a solid necklace of Blue Sapphire. The Quartz and Lavender amplify Sapphire's energy and enhance the flow of blue ray throughout your being. Thus, Lavender Fire affects your mind and body as though it contains more Sapphire than it actually does. Like a solid necklace of Blue Sapphire, Lavender Fire awakens you to the vast, unexplored areas of your own mind.

Blue Sapphire, Quartz, and Lavender.

Opening to the Blue Ray

Inner Quest provides the maximum possible benefits from a small amount of Blue Sapphire. Although its effects on the mind are milder than Lavender Fire's, it clears significant blockages to the blue ray. It also helps resolve any issues preventing you from wearing a larger amount of Sapphire. The strong influence of Lavender supports the movement of your attention beyond your mind to the spiritual realms.

Blue Sapphire, Lavender, and Quartz.

Purifying the Higher Mind

Angelfire promotes thoughts of the highest order. The indigo Blue Sapphire and the strong presence of the number eleven carry the gemstones' energy to the area of the mind where thoughts first take form. The Coral and Sapphire cleanse and strengthen this area so that only pure and constructive thoughts can be born. Angelfire clears away the tendency to think negatively while it heightens your awareness that you are the creator of your own thoughts.

Blue Sapphire and White Coral.

Harmonizing Heart and Mind

Lapis Lazuli harmonizes your heart and mind as it forges stronger bonds between them. When your mind is attuned to your emotions, it is enriched and made more fruitful; when your emotions are illuminated by your mind, they become more clearly understood. With heart and mind working in harmony, mastery of any area of life becomes more attainable. Lapis empowers you to envision and then live your dreams with vitality and a fearless, adventuresome spirit. Its royal blue color stirs memories of the infinite source of life within.


True Self helps you become more comfortable with yourself and confident in your own abilities and expressions. The Lavender brings Lapis Lazuli's energy to your inner bodies, fostering a deeper and more encompassing harmony between your heart and mind. True Self encourages you to evaluate, process, and resolve myriad issues associated with inner harmony and outer expression.

Lapis Lazuli cylinders, Lavender, and 14-karat gold beads.

Purifying the Aura

Sodalight purifies your aura, making it a cleaner, more harmonious atmosphere in which to live. To do this, Sodalight absorbs and neutralizes the clouds of mental disharmony that pollute the aura, bog down the mind, and make you feel burdened. Sodalight also clears your physical body of the negative mental energies that disrupt the body's functioning and perpetuate disease. Purifying your body and aura with Sodalight restores your physical vitality and helps reveal your true nature, your strengths, and your life's purpose.


Blue Phoenix teaches you to let go of the old self and accept the new. This combination of Sodalight and Quartz releases limiting habits and attitudes to reveal your true, unlimited potential. The Sodalight swirls give momentum to the necklace's effects as the Quartz brings them to your physical body. Blue Phoenix gradually transforms your consciousness, helping you move away from a more fixed, rigid state to one that is more open and flexible.

Sodalight swirls, Quartz, and 14-karat gold beads.

Connecting With Higher Truth

Lavender Light reveals the luminous beauty of your inner Self by clearing away the mental clouds that block your perception of higher truth. Lavender cylinders carry Sodalight's purifying energy into the mind itself. There, this necklace eliminates the negative energies, attitudes, and misconceptions that hinder the experience of higher states of awareness. Lavender Light opens your crown chakra and fosters flexibility in your mind and physical head. It connects you to the love imparted by your highest Self, the true source of personal strength and self-esteem.

Sodalight, Lavender cylinders, and 14-karat gold beads.