Therapeutic gemstones for
Karmic Healing and Resolution

The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is to help resolve limiting karmic patterns. Working with these gems can help transform negative behavior patterns, break bad habits, and eliminate destructive relationship dynamics. They can also help resolve the negative patterns that perpetuate physical or mental conditions. The results are a greater sense of inner freedom and improved vitality and health.

Except for Opalight and the gemstone combination Pharaoh, these gemstones are predominantly orange. They can help you:


Change self-destructive habits


Climb out of a rut


Develop new, healthier ways of relating to others


Eliminate the behavior patterns underlying an unwanted physical condition


Break free of a pattern of destructive relationships


Align your dreams with your life path

The therapeutic gemstone necklaces that focus on karmic healing and resolution include the following solid and combination necklaces:


Developing Inner Freedom

Rhodochrosite helps develop inner freedom by neutralizing the destructive behavioral patterns that restrict personal growth and undermine physical health. Rhodochrosite's energy comes like a storm: it destroys negative patterns, sweeps away emotional "clutter," and works with you to build healthier patterns. By helping resolve inner conflicts, Rhodochrosite encourages all aspects of your being to work together with a unified focus. It imparts self-confidence as it helps you realize your power to transform your life.


Magic Gift promotes a feeling of wholeness and self-worth. The energies of Ruby and Rhodochrosite form a channel from your heart chakra to the part of your mind where newly formed thoughts are sparked by your highest Self. The Biwa Pearl keeps all the thoughts, emotions, and actions expressed through this channel pure and reflective of Soul. Thus, Magic Gift allows your spiritual essence to shine through your entire being so that everything you do is an outpouring of your highest Self.

Rhodochrosite, Ruby, and Biwa Pearl.

Balanced Change

Libra provides the therapeutic benefits of Rhodochrosite while promoting continual, balanced change. Each change initiated by Rhodochrosite is harnessed or accelerated by the Quartz in the name of preserving physical and inner balance. The sum of all the numerical influences in Libra reflects a higher state of being, one that is always just out of reach. Thus, Libra acts as a powerful force to draw your state of consciousness ever upward.

Rhodochrosite and Quartz.

Resolving Karma

Opalight helps resolve the karma, or past entanglements, that perpetuate physical conditions in the present. By shining its light on your aura, Opalight reveals which of your conditions are most deeply rooted in the past and therefore are probably your most serious. It brings their underlying issues to your attention so you can take steps to resolve them. Opalight's calming effect on the aura can help you sleep, thereby encouraging karmic resolution in the dream state.

Resolving Egyptian Karma

Pharaoh helps resolve karma related to issues and experiences sparked by Lapis Lazuli, particularly those originating during the Egyptian era. To do this, Pharaoh helps you reconnect with a time in history when you had a certain relationship with Lapis. It evokes past-life recall, helping you retrieve the memories that can put to rest any Lapis-related issues still plaguing you today. In this way, Pharaoh promotes the resolution of historical ties to Egypt or other parts of the world so that you may better understand who you are today.

Lapis Lazuli cylinders and 14-karat gold beads.