Pink Tourmaline - Empowering the Feminine

Pink Tourmaline balances the feminine and masculine aspects within a woman, empowering her to reach her full potential. It carries the feminine ray, which vitalizes the feminine aspect in all living beings. The powerful light that Pink Tourmaline draws to the body dissolves both the symptoms and causes of physical conditions, especially those of the female reproductive organs. Pink Tourmaline helps a woman understand and come to peace with her feminine and masculine selves as it fosters the inner harmony and strength she needs to develop her true feminine power.

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A Specialized Tool

Rubelle : An Ideal Combination

Creating Harmony Between Mates

Pink Tourmaline and Men

Pink Tourmaline for Healthcare Practitioners

Protection During Travel

Therapeutic Quality


Localized Tonic for Women

Gynecological Health and Fertility Therapy

Tension and Congestion Release

Spine Treatment

Insight Technique

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Pink Tourmaline Necklace

For women

You want to—


Empower your feminine nature


Strengthen, tone, and support the health of your reproductive system


Ease menstrual cramps or other irregularities associated with your reproductive organs

For both women and men

You want to protect yourself from negative influences in an environment that—


Is potentially hostile or full of negative mental or emotional energies


Contains harmful electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays

You want to maintain your balance and vitality when you are traveling

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Pink Torumaline Necklace

Pink Tourmaline balances and empowers women by harmonizing the feminine and masculine aspects within them. It carries the feminine ray, which vitalizes the feminine aspect in all living beings. Pink Tourmaline gives women the power, understanding, and awareness to realize their full potential. It helps them realize how their feminine and masculine natures coexist and interact, and it encourages these aspects to achieve greater harmony.

Feminine and masculine energies are fundamental components of life, and both must be present for life to exist. Like the color rays, feminine and masculine energies have gemstone carriers: Pink Tourmaline carries the female energy, and Green Tourmaline carries the male energy. These gemstones act as energy sources to keep each gender independent and strong.

Pink Tourmaline also has a secondary mission. This is to protect its wearer from harmful external energies, such as electromagnetic radiation, microwaves, and the negative thoughts and emotions of others. It does this by forming a protective shield in the aura of any woman or man who wears it. This protective function is essential to Pink Tourmaline’s ability to carry out its primary mission. Pink Tourmaline helps protect a woman from the energies of other people’s concepts and attitudes while she is reevaluating herself, contemplating the changes she wants to make, and taking the steps to make those changes. (Note: Pink Tourmaline also offers this energetic protection to its male wearers.)

Centuries of oppression have led many women to believe that their masculine aspect is wrong; or it has taught them to believe that males in general are wrong, egocentric, and not as strong as they think they are. Yet women consist of both masculine and feminine energies. Therefore, until a woman releases her negative concepts about male energy, she will not be in harmony with herself. Pink Tourmaline helps a woman understand both her male and female aspects and improves communication between them, thereby creating inner and outer harmony.

Pink Tourmaline helps a woman understand and come to peace with her feminine and masculine aspects as it fosters the inner harmony and strength she needs to develop her true feminine power. The feminine energy is creative, visionary, and intuitive. Masculine energy fuels achievement. When these two aspects of a woman’s inner being are enhanced, the creative visionary meets the conquering hero. Pink Tourmaline helps a woman blossom into her true potential—with the power to get it done.

Pink Tourmaline’s energy dissolves disharmonious energies on all levels of being, in both the physical and subtle bodies. Therefore, its energy dissolves both the causes and effects of disharmonious conditions. Because of its mission regarding women, Pink Tourmaline has particularly strong and beneficial effects on a woman's reproductive system. It offers many effective treatments for ailments associated with women’s reproduction, such as uterine cramps and infertility. It can also be used to improve the overall tone of a woman’s reproductive organs.

The shield formed by Pink Tourmaline helps protect its wearers from external disharmonious energies. It does not protect them from their own inner disharmonies. If someone already experiences or expresses a certain disharmonious energy, it is difficult to protect that person from external forces of the same disharmony. For example, if you have greed within you, Pink Tourmaline cannot protect you from greed. It can protect you from disharmonies that are foreign to you. When people are protected, they have the freedom to be braver and more adventurous than they would otherwise be. They also have the freedom to think new thoughts and feel new emotions.

When a woman masters both her masculine and feminine aspects, there is nothing she cannot do. She will be limited only by how far she wishes to go. Pink Tourmaline can help women reach this state of strength, confidence, and balance.

A Specialized Tool

Unlike most of the other therapeutic gemstones that Gemisphere provides, Pink Tourmaline should not be worn as a solid necklace on a daily basis or even for more than a day at a time, because doing so can interfere with one’s essential energy flows. Pink Tourmaline is a highly specialized tool. When used properly and with focus, it can yield profound therapeutic benefits. However, to be worn as a necklace for an extended period, Pink Tourmaline must be harmoniously combined with other gemstones, such as in the Rubelle necklace.

When you wear a solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline around your neck, the Tourmaline forms a nearly impenetrable energetic shield. At first, the shield deflects only negative, foreign, or unwanted energies. However, the longer you wear the Pink Tourmaline, the stronger the shield grows. The energetic shield created by a solid necklace is so impenetrable that it disallows any feedback that would regulate its strength. If the Pink Tourmaline is worn long enough, all energies are deflected except those essential to life, and even these are negatively affected.

Wearing a solid Pink Tourmaline necklace can cause other problems, as well. Pink Tourmaline's energy enters the body through the lower four chakras and sometimes through the throat chakra. It exits only in a gentle flow through the brow chakra. Wearing even one solid necklace can bring more Pink Tourmaline energy into the body than the body can express through the brow chakra. Therefore, if you wear a necklace made entirely of Pink Tourmaline, the pressure of its energy will soon build in your head. Consequently, a headache or pressure in your brow is a sure sign that you have been wearing too much for too long. For this reason, a solid Pink Tourmaline necklace can distort your balance of mental energy and accentuate negative thought patterns. If you continue to wear this much Pink Tourmaline, your emotions will soon exhibit the same imbalances.

Therefore, you should not wear Pink Tourmaline as a solid necklace unless you are performing a specific therapy, doing something potentially dangerous, or entering a very disharmonious environment. Then, a solid necklace will allow you to focus more of your strength on the task at hand and less on self-protection. Wear the solid necklace around your neck for a maximum of 24 hours. Then, if you still require protection, place the solid necklace in a pocket.

Rubelle : An Ideal Combination

For everyday use and protection—and to experience all its other benefits —Pink Tourmaline should be combined with other gemstones in a necklace. However, one must be sure that these other gemstones do not impede, confuse, interfere with, or cancel out its work. For example, Green Tourmaline should not be combined with Pink Tourmaline, because it will negatively affect the Pink Tourmaline’s work. The Rubelle necklace is an ideal Pink Tourmaline combination. Click here to learn more about Rubelle.

Creating Harmony Between Mates

Disharmonies often arise in relationships between mates. Whatever the cause, a wonderful therapy for ailing relationships is for the man to wear Green Tourmaline and the woman to wear Pink Tourmaline in a Rubelle combination necklace.

Green Tourmaline gives a man strength and teaches him to balance his masculine and feminine natures. Because Green Tourmaline's energy will fill the atmosphere in the house, it will also affect the woman's aura and nourish her masculine aspect in a gentle, harmonious way. Using Pink Tourmaline nourishes a woman’s feminine nature and teaches her how to balance her feminine and masculine aspects. The Pink Tourmaline's energy will touch and affect her mate's aura, too. Pink Tourmaline is a strong protector for both genders. When the man begins to feel this protection, consciously or not, he will feel safe and thus more comfortable to work on balancing his own feminine and masculine natures.

Pink Tourmaline opens lines of communication between masculine and feminine, thereby fostering balance. When a man and woman each wear the appropriate Tourmaline, the Tourmalines do not cancel each other out, as happens when the same person wears both Tourmalines together. Instead, each person benefits from the other's Tourmaline. The result is an opening of communication between the man and the woman and an increase in balance between the masculine and feminine energies within each of them.

If a man and woman wish to resolve problems in their relationship, they should try wearing Green and Pink Tourmaline. If they are not having problems, it will strengthen and vitalize their relationship. If, on the other hand, the individuals want to separate and end their relationship, the woman should wear Green Tourmaline, and the man should wear Pink Tourmaline. If they do this, the relationship will probably end within weeks—the man and woman will not be able to live with each other.

Pink Tourmaline and Men

Pink Tourmaline does not imbalance men the way Green Tourmaline can imbalance women. When a used by a man, Pink Tourmaline will provide the same energetic protection it does for a woman. A man can also use Pink Tourmaline to heal, strengthen, and better understand his own feminine aspect. Wearing a Rubelle combination necklace will encourage a man, consciously or unconsciously, to recognize and become more in tune with his feminine nature.

Often, when this happens, a man won’t like what he sees or won’t be able to accept it—especially if his feminine nature needs attention and healing. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts a man can give himself is to give Rubelle necklace to the woman with whom he is sharing his life. As Pink Tourmaline energy fills the woman's aura, it will also affect his aura. Because the Pink Tourmaline's influence won’t be as strong as if he wore it himself, this may help him balance and heal his feminine qualities more easily. Also, the aura of protection created by the Pink Tourmaline around the couple will enable the man to feel safe enough to begin balancing his own masculine and feminine energies.

Pink Tourmaline for Healthcare Practitioners

During a therapy session, health practitioners such as physicians, counselors, and bodyworkers must often divide their attention between their work with the client and the need to protect themselves from the energy surrounding or being released by the client. Wearing a Pink Tourmaline necklace protects a practitioner from these released energies, thus freeing him or her to focus fully on the client. The practitioner should wear a solid Pink Tourmaline necklace around the neck only for the duration of the treatment session and not continually. Alternately, the practitioner can wear a Rubelle necklace or keep a solid Pink Tourmaline necklace in his or her pocket all day.

Protection During Travel

Wearing a solid necklace of Pink Tourmaline may be warranted when you are in an airport. Airports have a plethora of scattered and disharmonious energies. They are filled with electromagnetic radiation, loud noises, stale air, anxious and negative thoughts caused by plane delays, and emotional clouds from numerous sad partings. Once you are on the plane, however, a solid necklace is no longer appropriate, particularly if you will be flying for a long period.

Wearing a Rubelle combination necklace or keeping a solid Pink Tourmaline necklace in your pocket will also protect you from the stresses of travel. No matter where you are—in a foreign country or a foreign part of your own country—you will be protected from the energies and influences that are alien, disharmonious, and potentially harmful to your body.

Therapeutic Quality Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline occurs in a variety of colors, ranging from light pink to dark pink to deep purple-pink. Pink Tourmaline with an orange or brown cast is less therapeutic than its pinker cousins. The strongest and highest quality Pink Tourmaline, known as Rubellite, appears bright and clear and contains few inclusions or flaws. Its color is a deep, purplish pink. The closer Pink Tourmaline is to this color, the more therapeutically effective it will be.

Necklace Therapies


Although it is particularly effective for the female reproductive system, this Pink Tourmaline therapy provides a tonic for any part of a woman's body. A Pink Tourmaline necklace is placed on a disharmonious area of a woman's body to bring the area greater strength and harmony and to resolve the causes of the disharmony.


This therapy helps tone and heal a woman's reproductive organs by infusing them with Pink Tourmaline energy, the feminine ray, and several color rays. At the same time, it helps resolve the inner causes of physical disharmony in the reproductive system. This therapy can greatly assist women who are having difficulty conceiving.


A Pink Tourmaline necklace is used to unwind tension and relieve congestion in any area of the body. The necklace is circled in the aura above the ailing area and sometimes placed directly on the area. Both women and men can perform and benefit from this therapy.


A Pink Tourmaline necklace is placed on an ailing spine to improve the vertebrae's alignment and to draw additional healing force to the area. This therapy can also be used as pre- and post-treatments for back surgery.


A solid Pink Tourmaline necklace is worn around the neck for a limited time to gain insight into a recurring problem or issue. Both women and men can perform this technique to help evaluate and resolve all types of issues, not necessarily those related to gender.