Ruby Dream - Healing the Emotions

Ruby Dream is the perfect vehicle for fulfilling the mission of Ruby. It offers all the therapeutic benefits of Ruby and the red ray while safeguarding the natural balance of color rays within you. In addition, Ruby Dream helps deepen your understanding of divine love and allows you to resolve love-related karma more swiftly and easily.

Ruby Dream necklaces contain Ruby, Quartz, and Roselle.

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Roselle and Gold in Ruby Dream

Enhanced Design of Longer Ruby Dream

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Ruby Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Apathy or disconnection from others


Mild depression


Emotional congestion or exhaustion


A physical condition that is being fed or exacerbated by emotional issues


Tight or closed heart chakra

You want to—


Become more emotionally alive, aware, and balanced


Open and develop your heart


Experience and express more divine love


Support the health of your muscular system, including your muscles, tendons, and fascia

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Ruby Dream Necklace

The Ruby Dream necklace is a perfect vehicle for experiencing the effects of Ruby. It offers all the therapeutic benefits of Ruby and the red ray while safeguarding the natural balance of color rays within you. Ruby Dream consists of Ruby, Quartz, and Roselle. Just as Quartz and Aventurine support Emerald in the Summer necklace, Quartz and Roselle support Ruby in the Ruby Dream necklace. The focus of Ruby Dream is Ruby, and its work is supported by the Quartz and Roselle.

The red ray flows strongly through Ruby. The force of its flow is stronger than that of any other color ray through its corresponding gemstone. For this reason, Ruby is the only color ray gemstone that should not be worn as a solid necklace without proper preparation. Wearing a solid Ruby necklace can flood you with so much red ray that your physical body and inner aspects could become severely imbalanced. Wearing Ruby in an improperly-designed combination necklace can be similarly disruptive.

Before wearing a solid Ruby necklace, it is best to prepare by wearing a maximum of ten carats of Ruby in a properly designed combination necklace, such as Ruby Dream, for at least several months. Ruby Dream’s design is a carefully planned product of research on the needs of the whole individual. Its complex design employs the energetic effects of its three gemstone components and the numbers two through seven to create a powerful therapy in itself.

Ruby Dream is designed in two lengths: one that falls just below the throat and one that reaches the area of the heart. In the longer necklace, the flow of Ruby Dream's energy begins at the back of the necklace; in the shorter necklace, it begins at the clasp. In both lengths, the energy moves down either side of the necklace toward the large Roselle at the front.

As Ruby Dream’s energy flows through the variously sized sections of Ruby, Roselle, and Quartz, the influence of their numbers stimulates different levels of your mind. These sections each work with a different aspect of your mind, correcting any mental distortions regarding the meaning of love, particularly divine love. It also clarifies communication among your mind, memory, emotions, and body regarding divine love and its expression.

Ruby Dream stirs your mind to analyze love in its myriad meanings so that you may decipher the true meaning of love. Your mind’s understanding of love can profoundly affect how you express yourself emotionally. Influences from the past, for example, can so distort the mind's understanding, analyses, and decisions about love that the emotional feeling of love can become warped. This, in turn, can cause the physical expression of love to become negative or even self-destructive. The combinations of Ruby and Quartz in Ruby Dream work to clarify your concepts about love. These new, truer concepts can then correct any misinformation that may have arisen from your past experiences.

Ruby Dream also helps direct this new, clearer information to your emotions, allowing you to experience and express more appropriate and balanced feelings. The Ruby and Quartz also regulate the flow of Ruby Dream’s effects through your emotional aspect to your physical body. This reduces any tendency for extreme emotional expressions and enables your physical body to experience a truer, more complete expression of love.

The Roselle in Ruby Dream stirs and awakens any suppressed emotions that might prevent the necklace’s effects from manifesting in your physical body. The large Roselle at the front helps open your heart to the flow of Ruby Dream’s energy. The smaller Roselles serve as translators between the Quartz and Ruby. The Quartz also promotes balance by representing the spectrum in which all color rays are equally present; thus, it acts as a reminder that the red ray is just one part of the light of the life force.

As the energy of Ruby Dream moves past the front of the necklace, it continues onward around your neck to begin its cycle of work again. This cycle is continually renewed and deepened as the influences of each gemstone section are generated again and again. When you have worn Ruby Dream long enough, your mind becomes able to decipher, out of the myriad definitions of love, which one is divine love.

Roselle and Gold in Ruby Dream

The 14-karat gold clasp included in Ruby Dream does not interfere with the Roselle’s energy. All the Roselles are surrounded by Rubies, which effectively separate the Roselle from the gold's highly incompatible energy.

Enhanced Design of Longer Ruby Dream

We recently made small changes to the design of our longer Ruby Dream necklace. The necklace is now 22 inches long, and one sequence of Ruby, Roselle, and frosted Quartz has been replaced by a gold clasp. This slight alteration enhances the movement of energy around the necklace.