Purple Ray - Letting Go of Attachments

Purple Ray eases your passage through your next spiritual gateway by releasing long-standing attachments. It helps you let go of old habits and attitudes regarding wealth, power, religion, and society. Once free of these limitations, your receptivity to the purple ray can deepen, and the wisdom and higher consciousness offered by Amethyst can flourish. Purple Ray also enriches your emotional life by easing the grip of limiting patterns and encouraging a healthy balance of introverted and extroverted modes of expression.

Purple Ray necklaces contain Amethyst, Biwa Pearl, and 14-karat gold beads.

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Gold in Purple Ray

Amethyst Sphere Size

Necklace Applications

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Amethyst Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


A sense of being stuck in old patterns, habits, or attachments


Feeling limited by your relationship with money, power, religion, or society

You want to—


Let go of limiting habits and attitudes regarding wealth, power, religion, or society


Improve the balance between your introverted and extroverted modes of expression


Support the health of your nervous system

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Purple Ray Necklace

Purple Ray eases your passage through your next spiritual gateway by releasing long-standing attachments. It helps you let go of old habits and attitudes regarding wealth, power, religion, and society. Purple Ray also helps break up certain patterns that keep the purple color ray from entering your body and prevent you from accepting the higher consciousness facilitated by Amethyst. In this necklace, ten sections containing three different sizes of Amethyst are separated by sets of Biwa Pearl. Separating each section of Amethyst from each set of Pearl is a 14-karat gold bead.

Although spirituality can be found in the institutions of religion, it is harder for some people to find it there than it is for others. Purple Ray’s gift is to lead you beyond any subconscious limitations that these institutions may have imposed on you in lifetimes past. Purple Ray is for those who want to progress beyond these influences and would like help doing so.

Pearl brings a water vibration to this necklace, gold contributes a metal element, and Amethyst offers an earth element. The number ten, represented by the ten sets of gemstones, brings a wood element. The rhythmically increasing numbers of Amethysts toward a central concentration at the front of the necklace represents the element of fire. These are the five elements in Oriental medicine. The five Pearls in each Pearl section reinforce this concept of five elements.

To achieve a higher and more open state of awareness requires physical stability and support. These five elements—water, metal, earth, wood, and fire—correspond to fundamental energies in your body. Cooperation among these energies is required to build a solid foundation for higher consciousness. The five elements incorporated in Purple Ray help lay this foundation in your physical body.

Within our emotions, two forces are constantly at work. These can be characterized as passive and active, introverted and extroverted, or inflowing and out-flowing. An emotionally healthy person can experience and express himself in both these emotional modes, as situations require. Many people, however, are overly developed or deficient in one or both of these modes. In Purple Ray, the inflowing, quiet force is represented by Pearl, and the out-flowing, extroverted force is championed by Amethyst. This necklace teaches both these modes of expression and corrects any deficiencies or imbalances associated with them.

Purple Ray also relaxes the grip of limiting behavioral patterns. These patterns are a key aspect of our karma, or cycles of action and reaction. We repeat certain cycles of behavior again and again until we finally break the cycle and resolve the karma. Through the rhythmic expression of its energy, Purple Ray helps us let go of these patterns and embrace change. The necklace’s design generates this rhythmic expression through its ten sections of five, seven, and nine Amethysts. The varying sizes of the Amethyst sections encourage your patterns to stretch, relax, and ease their grip. Each time energy moves around the necklace, you and your patterns are stretched a little more, until you finally outgrow and release them.

Gold in Purple Ray

The gold beads in Purple Ray help focus the necklace’s energies on purging the influences of material institutions. Gold has long played a role in the wealth and power of government and religious organizations. In this necklace, it symbolizes their rigidity. The fact that the gold beads are hollow also signifies that certain old concepts and images have become empty of meaning.

Amethyst Sphere Size

The three sizes of Amethyst in this necklace support Purple Ray's mission to break up patterns. It also helps the necklace resonate with people in different states of consciousness: some people are more in tune with what 8-mm Amethyst can give, while others are more in tune with 4- or 6-mm Amethyst. The same person can also be more receptive to the energies of different sizes of Amethyst at different times of the day. The different size Amethysts might also work on different aspects of the person’s being at the same time, depending on which aspect is most in harmony with a certain size. In Purple Ray, the mind, emotions, and body can choose from the three different sizes, taking what they need from each.

Necklace Applications

It is best simply to wear Purple Ray around your neck, preferably with the largest section of Amethyst over your heart. To ease spinal or structural limitations, you can reverse the necklace and wear the largest section over the vertebra at the back of your neck.