Lavender Fire - Healing the Mind

Lavender Fire offers the therapeutic benefits of Blue Sapphire and the blue ray, though to a lesser degree than a solid necklace of Blue Sapphire. The Quartz and Lavender amplify the Sapphire's energy and enhance the flow of blue ray throughout your being. Thus, Lavender Fire affects your mind and body as though it contains more Blue Sapphire than it actually does. Like a solid necklace of Blue Sapphire, Lavender Fire awakens you to the vast, unexplored areas of your own mind.

Lavender Fire necklaces contain Blue Sapphire, Quartz, and Lavender.

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Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Lavender Fire Necklace

Because Lavender Fire’s purpose is to deliver the benefits of Blue Sapphire, though to a milder degree, the indications for wearing Lavender Fire mirror those of wearing a solid Blue Sapphire necklace. Learn more about Blue Sapphire.

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Lavender Fire Necklace

Lavender Fire incorporates the numbers one through four to draw the blue ray from the source of all color rays through your inner aspects to your physical body. Because this source is characterized by oneness—one essence, one Spirit, and the absence of all duality—it is symbolized by the number one. Hence, on either side of Lavender Fire’s gold clasp, the first sections in which Sapphire appears each contain one Sapphire. Each successive section has one more Sapphire than the previous one, with the final two sections containing four Sapphires each. The number four helps draw the blue ray to your physical body. The ascending numbers concentrate the Sapphire energy, so that it enters your throat chakra and head with much greater force than it would if all the Sapphires were simply placed near your throat chakra.

Ideally, the front center of Lavender Fire should lie close to your throat chakra, which has a natural tendency to draw the blue ray into the head. The Sapphire and blue ray energies entering the throat affect the head, brain, and sensory organs in the same way that a solid necklace of Sapphire does, though not to the same degree. The specific arrangement of Lavender and Quartz in this necklace helps the Sapphire energy enter areas of your mind that otherwise could be accessed only if you wore a greater mass of Sapphire.

Lavender Fire enhances your mind's ability to communicate with all aspects of your being so that you can function as one unified organism. As you work toward realizing your mind’s full potential, Lavender Fire encourages the expansion of your mind’s conscious capacity. Thus, Lavender Fire awakens you to the vast, unexplored areas of your own mind.