Indigo - Developing Intuition

Indigo helps develop the intuition. It carries the indigo ray throughout your being, absorbing the limiting mental energies that obstruct the intuition and cloud the mind. Through its profound resonance with the intuitive body, Indigo builds bridges between your intuition and your conscious awareness. It teaches you to distinguish between mental concepts and direct perception so that you may better hear the whisperings of Soul.

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Indigo and the Bones and Joints

Therapeutic Quality


Dissolving Mental Blocks to Healing

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Amethyst Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Difficulty hearing your true inner voice


Lack of trust in your intuition


Mental cloudiness

You want to—


Develop and clarify your intuition


Clear your aura and body of negative mental energies, both your own and those of others


Gain clarity about your true nature or life purpose


Foster a broader, more spiritual viewpoint


Improve your recollection of dreams


Support the health of your skeletal system, including the bones, ligaments, joints, and cartilage

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Indigo Necklace

Indigo helps develop your intuition. It is the gemstone bearer of the indigo ray. When you wear a necklace of Indigo spheres, the indigo ray is radiated throughout your being, absorbing the limiting mental energies that obstruct the intuition and cloud the mind. The ability of both Indigo and Sodalight to absorb mental energies is no coincidence: Indigo is the crystalline form of Sodalight.

Self-realization is the recognition of oneself as soul. A crucial step toward this goal is to learn to listen to the whisperings of the true self in day-to-day situations. Some people call these inner nudges “intuition.” To help you better hear these whisperings, Indigo energy constructs bridges between your intuition and your conscious awareness. As impulses of truth arise from the higher self, the intuitive body is the first to hear them. The mind then receives these whisperings, filtering and distorting them according to its own conditioning and agenda. Often they are heard incorrectly, translated into dream-like symbols, or not detected at all. By constructing energetic bridges, Indigo allows intuitive data to bypass the mind and seep directly into your conscious awareness.

When the mind is bypassed, the intuition becomes a source of information separate from the mind. The bridge provided by Indigo allows mind-thoughts to come through one set of channels, while intuitive information travels another. Thus, the two types of information become more separate and identifiable. This makes it easier to determine whether the information originated in the mind or in soul. However, Indigo can help only to a certain degree. To develop your intuitive sense fully, you must exercise your intuition and practice trusting it.

When life brings the inevitable changes required for spiritual growth, Indigo helps keep the mind from overreacting. The indigo ray steps quietly through the mind, suggesting that something greater lies beyond it. It whispers that the higher self, your spiritual essence and the mind's governor, orchestrates your life’s experiences for your spiritual unfoldment. Thus, the indigo ray quietly lays a foundation in the mind and helps it to maintain a more refined balance.

The Indigo gemstone fosters a conscious connection with your intuition and helps you envision your true dreams and aspirations. It shows you your potential to attain your dreams, and it helps you see how to achieve them. Indigo expands your consciousness and opens the door to higher levels of knowingness, while teaching you to shine with your own inner light.

Indigo and the Bones and Joints

Each of the seven color rays of the life force is particularly healing and nourishing to certain aspects of the physical body. The indigo ray nourishes and supports the skeletal system, including the bones, ligaments, joints, and cartilage. Consequently, wearing Indigo can help strengthen these parts of the body and help resolve certain conditions associated with them.

Therapeutic Quality Indigo

To accurately determine its quality, Indigo must be observed with a light source behind it. A light source reveals therapeutic Indigo’s true indigo-blue color and translucency. Without it, the Indigo’s color appears much darker, and its translucency disappears.

As the crystalline form of Sodalight, Indigo shares Sodalight’s tendency to contain white streaks or clouds. The finest quality Indigo is neon-like cobalt blue, translucent, and free from white clouds. As spheres move away from this finest quality, they contain more white and are less translucent. Spheres that are nearly opaque are of low therapeutic value. Spheres in which the white overtakes the indigo hue are non-therapeutic.

Like Sodalight, Indigo can become whiter as it absorbs negative energies from the environment and from your aura. This cloudiness may take as long as years or as little as weeks to develop. The Indigo remains effective, however, until the cloudiness overwhelms the indigo color of the spheres.

Therapies and Procedures


An Indigo necklace is placed on a localized area of the body to the dissolve mental energies that have accumulated there and that are disrupting the area's health and inhibiting its recovery.