Light Green Emerine - Soothing the Body

Light Green Emerine gently and gradually soothes and uplifts discordant energies in your body and emotions. In your physical body, Light Green Emerine dissolves the negative-energy accumulations that cause congestion, inflammation, and discomfort. It also nourishes and balances all your emotions and gradually smooths the sharpness of negative feelings. Light Green Emerine teaches your entire body to relax as it encourages you to entrust your limiting conditions to spirit.

Light Green Emerine necklaces contain Emerald and Light Green Aventurine.

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Two Necklace Lengths

Gold in Light Green Emerine

Time Guidelines


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Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Light Green Emerine Necklace

You want to do one or more of the following—

You are experiencing—


Physical pain and discomfort, especially following a physical trauma, such as surgery, injury, or childbirth






Frequent negative or discordant emotions

You want help relaxing and entrusting a physical condition to spirit

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Light Green Emerine Necklace

Light Green Emerine gently and gradually soothes and uplifts discordant energies in your body and emotions. This necklace of Light Green Aventurine and Emerald has a soothing effect wherever it is worn or placed. When you wear Light Green Emerine around your neck, your entire body gently and gradually learns to relax.

In the typical adult body are many places where the accumulation of negative energies and blockages act like sandpaper against soft flesh. In the course of daily living, such energies are drawn to your body from the environment, other people, and your own inner aspects. Collections of these energies often have extremely rough or sharp “edges,” and they can affect the body in numerous ways. For example, they can manifest physically as boils, cysts, calluses, or congestion. They may also stiffen the joints and inhibit the absorption of nutrients and the secretion of enzymes.

Light Green Emerine softens the rough edges of these negative-energy accumulations. It does not work directly on the physical conditions that were caused by the accumulations; instead it acts like a file to smooth the rough edges that lead to these ailments. The longer Light Green Emerine is worn, the stronger and more effective this file becomes.

The necklace’s soothing effect lies in its ability to complete a cycle of change. Completing a cycle is soothing, because with the end of a cycle we often feel relieved, thankful, and inspired to start a new one more to our liking. Light Green Emerine focuses on completing a cycle of change that has already been started—such as by trauma, surgery, physical or emotional illness, or some other event or condition. Light Green Emerine soothes and smooths the energetic rough spots associated with a particular condition.

Although Light Green Emerine soothes your emotions, it does not keep you from experiencing extreme emotions; nor does it lessen the sharpness of negative emotions quickly. Instead, Light Green Emerine works on a fundamental emotional level—on the very fabric of your emotional being in which your emotions are rooted. If you imagine an emotion as a plant, Light Green Emerine energy works on the “soil” in which the emotion is rooted. Light Green Emerine energy fills the soil and is absorbed into the plant's roots, gradually working up the stem. When the Light Green Emerine energy has filled the upper branches of the plant, it begins to enter the thorns and file down their sharpness. This effect takes time. Achieving it requires a commitment to wear Light Green Emerine continually for at least several weeks or months.

As Light Green Emerine teaches your entire body to relax, it encourages you to entrust your limiting conditions to spirit. With this new sense of safety and freedom, you can explore areas of truth and spirituality that will lead to your overall upliftment.

Two Necklace Lengths

The longer Light Green Emerine is more effective when worn around the neck. Its added mass helps fill your aura more quickly. The shorter necklace is more effective for placement over particular areas of the body. This is not to say that the longer necklace is ineffective for placement therapy or that the shorter necklace is ineffective when worn around the neck; it's just that the focus of the longer necklace is more encompassing. The longer necklace takes your entire being into consideration. This is because of its twelve Emeralds. The number twelve directs a necklace to include all your aspects in its work: physical, emotional, karmic, mental, and spiritual.

Gold in Light Green Emerine

The presence of a 14-karat gold clasp in one of the Aventurine sequences in the shorter Light Green Emerine has no adverse effect on the necklace. The Emerald keeps any effect the gold may have from spreading through the rest of the necklace. Gold energy does not pass through Emerald.

Time Guidelines

To maximize all of Light Green Emerine’s effects, wear this necklace with commitment. You should plan to wear it continually—except for regular periods of cleansing—for a minimum of several weeks and possibly several months or more.