Emerald - Healing the Physical Body

Emerald brings life, nourishment, and healing to the physical body. It floods the physical body with the green ray's life-giving energy and gradually neutralizes the disharmonies that cause disease. If enough Emerald is worn, it also works on healing the mental and emotional causes of physical illness. By strengthening your physical body's weakest link, Emerald uplifts, strengthens, and vitalizes your body as a whole, making it easier for you to open to higher states of consciousness.

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Emerald and Organs

Emerald’s Order of Work

Amount to Wear

Time Guidelines

Co-Workers in Healing: Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine

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Therapeutic Quality Emerald


Infusion for Localized Conditions

Infusion for Systemic Conditions

Whole Body Tune-up

Headache Therapy

Liver Treatment for Alcohol Damage

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Emerald Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


An unwanted physical condition, especially one involving an organ


Chronic fatigue or low energy

You want to—


Bring vitality, nourishment, and improved health to your physical body


Resolve the emotional and mental causes of physical distress


Support the health of your organs


Maintain a high level of physical functioning


Take preventive measures to support your physical health

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Emerald Necklace

Emerald brings life, nourishment, and healing to your physical body. It helps resolve many types of physical disharmony with the life-giving green ray it carries. Emerald is the gemstone bearer of the green ray, an essential element for the life of all plants, animals, and human beings. The green ray in Emerald raises the vibrations of the physical body and provides it with healing vitality. Emerald’s healing effects come from a combination of the green ray it carries and the energy of beryl, the family of crystals to which Emerald belongs. For simplicity’s sake, we shall refer to this combination as "Emerald energy."

Emerald focuses its healing effects on the area of greatest disharmony in your body, which is often the source of disease or pain. When you first wear Emerald, its energy floods your aura and locates areas of physical disharmony. Then, like the eagle that has spotted its prey, it swoops down on these areas. Emerald energy enters your body through your skin in a process similar to osmosis. There, it neutralizes and disintegrates the disharmony that manifests as disease and discomfort. Finally, it helps your body release this disharmony.

The origins of physical illness are almost always more than physical. Conflicts and discord in the emotions and mind often lead to physical problems. Inner disharmonies block the flow of life force to the physical body and feed it with disharmonious energy. Emerald not only addresses the physical manifestation of illness; it also helps resolve these inner causes of physical distress.

Emerald increases the flow of life energy throughout your entire being. It does this by energetically lubricating certain components in your subtle bodies. These components, which resemble needle-like fibers, direct life energy through your subtle bodies to your physical body. They perform various other functions, as well: in your emotional body, they direct the emotional energies that eventually manifest as emotions; in your causal body, they manifest as pattern lines; and in your mental body, they represent mechanisms that your mind uses to make its decisions and perform other functions.

As Emerald energy fills your subtle bodies, it provides these important fibers with something like a tune-up: it loosens, cleanses, and lubricates them. As a result, the fibers are freed from obstructions and become more flexible and efficient in their functioning. This allows more life energy to move through these fibers to all aspects of your being.

Although Emerald’s effects on the emotional and mental bodies are secondary to its effects on the physical body, when you wear Emerald, you can take comfort in knowing you are using a powerful tool—not only to heal your physical body but to resolve the very causes of your physical condition. Emerald also prepares your emotions and mind for the new state of consciousness that will arise when your physical condition has been resolved.

Emerald and Organs

Each of the seven color rays of the life force is particularly healing and nourishing to certain aspects of the physical body. The green ray nourishes and supports the brain and the organs in the torso. Consequently, wearing Emerald can help strengthen these parts of the body and help resolve certain conditions associated with them.

Emerald’s Order of Work

Emerald works in stages. When the energy of an Emerald necklace has saturated your aura and resolved a certain degree of disharmony in your physical body, it begins to neutralize the negative emotional energies that are feeding your physical condition. Then, when it has resolved a certain degree of disharmony in your physical and emotional bodies, the Emerald energy penetrates your mental body and begins to work on the mental issues contributing to your condition.

Because disharmony and the green ray are energetic opposites, the green ray radiated by Emerald gets neutralized in the process of disintegrating disharmony. If the disharmony is strong, the green ray is used up rather quickly. Therefore, if you wish to address not only your physical condition but also its emotional and mental causes, you must wear enough Emerald to maintain a constant saturation of your aura with green ray.

Amount to Wear

The most effective way to maintain Emerald saturation in your aura is to wear a significant amount of therapeutic-quality Emerald. The higher the quality, the more powerful and effective the Emerald will be, and the fewer carats you will need to wear. Indeed, with each jump in quality, Emerald’s therapeutic potency multiplies by many times. For example, only 20 to 25 carats of Exquisite-Plus-Plus quality Emerald will be much more potent than even 70 carats of Exquisite quality.

For a relatively healthy person who wishes to use Emerald for minor disharmonies or preventive purposes, a smaller amount of Emerald will probably be adequate. In this case, a necklace of five or six carats of Emerald harmoniously combined with other uplifting gemstones will likely be enough to saturate the aura. However, it will take much longer to do so than if a larger amount of Emerald is worn, and it won't have enough strength to neutralize large amounts of disharmony or to reach deeply into the emotional or mental bodies.

When you have a serious physical condition or you are experiencing acute symptoms, inner disharmonies are more difficult to abolish. These negative energies resist the entrance of Emerald and other healing energies into your aura. Using higher quality or a larger amount of Emerald, such as that present in a solid necklace, can overcome this resistance more easily. If the disease is serious or life threatening, using a very high quality necklace may be necessary.

To maintain a therapeutic level of Emerald energy in your aura, it is important to keep the Emerald necklace either around your neck or within three feet of your body at all times.

Time Guidelines

Again, once you have taken care of your physical disharmonies with Emerald, you must also resolve their inner causes; otherwise, these inner disharmonies will continue to manifest in your physical body. Perhaps they will manifest in a different location or as a different condition, but they will manifest. Therefore, to fully resolve the inner disharmonies, you should continue wearing enough Emerald to saturate your aura for some time after your physical condition has appeared to heal. People whose physical bodies are overburdened with disharmony should—probably for the rest of their lives—wear enough Emerald to saturate the aura continually and provide enough Emerald energy to work on the underlying, inner causes of their physical conditions.

Co-Workers in Healing: Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine

Anyone with any kind of physical disease, especially one involving an organ, can benefit greatly from wearing the strongest combination of physically healing gemstones yet known: Dark Green Aventurine in one necklace and Emerald in another.

For example, Emerald and Dark Green Aventurine can be used together to combat cancer of an organ. The effect of Emerald energy on cancer is one of shock. Cancer is like a living entity. It works to maintain its own life, which exists at the expense of its host. When cancer is introduced to the pure green ray and the energy of Emerald, the cancer entity becomes so shocked that it energetically pulls in and becomes somewhat more compact and isolated. The Aventurine works from the inside of an organ to expel disharmony and to spread healthy, harmonious energy throughout the organ's cells. The Emerald stands at the “doorway” of each cell, directing green ray at the exiting disharmony and disintegrating it. This is the power of the green ray. It is the perfect opposite of cancer.

Emerald Shape

A rondel is a sphere that is somewhat flattened on two opposite sides. Therapeutic Emerald is best shaped into rondels rather than spheres. Emerald spheres tend to have a somewhat harsh, searing effect on the aura and body. The rondel shape helps the body regulate the absorption of Emerald energy in the aura, while providing benefits similar to those of gemstone spheres.

The rounded yet irregular form known as rounded chips should be avoided in the case of Emerald. Emerald chips have an irritating effect on the human aura.

Therapeutic Quality Emerald

Color, brightness, and clarity are of equal importance in Therapeutic Quality Emerald. The color green that most closely matches the green of the rainbow is most powerful in Emerald. Therapeutic Emerald is a rich, radiant, pure bright green with good clarity. When the necklace is examined as a whole, it should be free of black flecks or have only a minimal number of them.

One should avoid any Emerald that is cloudy or dull in appearance or noticeably yellow-green or blue-green in color. This is not therapeutic Emerald. The blue in particular is a contaminant that can alter the vibration of Emerald. Not only is it non-therapeutic, but it can actually have harmful effects.

Therapies and Procedures


Emerald energy and the green ray are infused into a distressed or diseased area of the body to uplift the area's health and to neutralize the disharmonious energies that have collected there.


An Emerald necklace is formed into a small circle and placed on special points on the abdomen. This infusion therapy promotes a deep energetic cleansing of the physical body. At the same time, it gives the body extra energy to help heal a systemic ailment, overcome the flare-up of a chronic systemic condition, or fend off an oncoming acute illness.


The Emerald Whole Body Tune-up promotes a deep energetic cleansing of the physical body and provides the body with an overall tonic. During the tune-up, Emerald and green-ray energy are infused into the abdomen and the seven major chakras, in combination with exercise.


Placing an Emerald necklace on a painful area of the head brings healing Emerald energy and green-ray nourishment to the area, helps neutralize disharmony, and eases pain.


This Emerald and Quartz therapy brings healing energy to a liver damaged by alcohol. The Quartz amplifies the Emerald's effects and focuses the Emerald energy on the mental and emotional aspects underlying the condition.