Light Green Aventurine - Uplifting the Physical Body

Light Green Aventurine uplifts and strengthens one’s most distressed organ by encouraging the organ's healthiest cells to distribute their vitality throughout the organ. Nonetheless, it promotes a much gentler purification of the physical body than Dark Green Aventurine. Light Green Aventurine is recommended over Dark Green Aventurine only for people with a history of intensive drug use, prescription or otherwise, or who have been exposed to toxic chemicals.

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Releasing Drug Residues

Emerald and Light Green Aventurine

Caution: Light Green Aventurine and Sunlight

Therapeutic Quality Light Green Aventurine


Organ Tonics

Dark Green and Light Green Organ Detox

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Light Green Aventurine Necklace

You want to do one or more of the following—

You are experiencing—


Heal or strengthen your weakest or least healthy organ


Gently purify, uplift, and vitalize one or more organs


Release toxic drug or chemical residues from an organ

Note: Light Green Aventurine is recommended over Dark Green Aventurine for people who have a history of drug use, prescription or otherwise, or exposure to toxic chemicals.

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Light Green Aventurine Necklace

A necklace of Light Green Aventurine spheres is most useful for people who require a particularly gentle upliftment of a physical condition. When Light Green Aventurine is worn, its effects are primarily those of Aventurine’s light green vibration—that is, it encourages the healthiest cells of the body’s most distressed organ to distribute their vitality throughout the entire organ.

No organ is homogeneous in its energetic makeup; there are always some cells or groups of cells whose energies are healthier than others. Cells of low energetic condition are more susceptible to disease—indeed, they can act as the doors through which disease enters an organ. Yet, fortunately, even diseased organs usually contain some healthy, vibrant cells. Light Green Aventurine focuses its energy on the healthiest of these cells. It compels them to spread their healthy energies to adjacent cells, which in turn spread this vitality to their own neighboring cells. As a result, the entire organ gradually gains more vitality and strength.

Releasing Drug Residues

Light Green Aventurine has an important role to play in our society, where so much medicine is chemical in nature. The physical body knows how to rid itself of most toxic foreign substances. Many of these substances cause diarrhea or vomiting as part of the body's effort to expel them. However, when the foreign substance is not overtly toxic—as in the case of most drugs and some chemicals—the body doesn't always know how to deal with it. It doesn’t know how to pass the substance through the system in order to excrete it. Although a drug may appear to be metabolized, some of the drug’s substance or energy often remains in the body.

When the body doesn't know how to get rid of a drug or, in some cases, its residue, the body often encapsulates and isolates the drug after the drug has completed its work. More specifically, if a drug targeted a specific organ, the body's protective mechanism encapsulates what is left of the drug in that organ to protect the rest of the body from the drug's toxicity. If the organ with the encapsulated drug is the same organ being targeted by a Dark Green Aventurine necklace, the Aventurine energy will infiltrate the organ. It may then recognize these drug residues as disharmonious and work to loosen and expel them from the organ.

Now, if the organ has been accumulating drugs for years, a serious situation may arise when the Dark Green Aventurine starts moving these drugs and their energies out into the body. The drugs or their energies will suddenly start circulating in the body, and the body may not know how to remove them. In this case, wearing Light Green Aventurine—especially if it contains some dark green flecks—is more appropriate than wearing Dark Green Aventurine. This is because the light green variety focuses more on uplifting the organ and loosening disharmonious energies than on expelling those energies. Thus, the release of toxic energies into the body will be more gradual, and they won’t overwhelm the body.

Emerald and Light Green Aventurine

The process of moving drugs and their energies out of the body can be greatly enhanced by wearing either an Emerald or Summer necklace along with a Light Green Aventurine. However, be aware that Emerald works only on natural toxicity—that is, the toxicity produced by a living organism. Therefore, the Emerald won't disintegrate the energies of the drugs themselves. Instead, it will enhance the overall healing process by disintegrating the disharmony created by the drugs' presence.

Wearing Light Green Aventurine and Emerald or Summer together will uplift the toxic organ and encourage the surrounding area to become less disharmonious. This will help the organ, the area, and the whole body to become stronger and better able to deal with the released encapsulations of toxicity.

Caution: Light Green Aventurine and Sunlight

Placing Light Green Aventurine in direct sunlight bleaches the dark green flecks in the gemstones. Therefore, when cleansing Light Green Aventurine outdoors, keep it in a shady spot and no longer than five minutes. Alternately, cleanse it in the rain for at least 15 minutes.

Therapeutic Quality Light Green Aventurine

The parameters for therapeutic quality in Light Green Aventurine are similar in many ways to those of Dark Green Aventurine. The primary difference is that Light Green Aventurine contains many fewer dark-green flecks than Dark Green Aventurine. Indeed, a proper balance of dark-green flecks in a light green base is crucial to Light Green Aventurine’s effectiveness. If more than 25 percent of its surface displays flecks, the effects of Dark Green Aventurine will begin to dominate and therefore undermine the action of the Light Green Aventurine.

The overall color of Light Green Aventurine is pale green with a slight bluish tint. With a light source behind it, the dark green flecks become more apparent, and the gem appears bright, crystalline, and translucent.

The vast majority of Light Green Aventurine available today has been dyed to make it resemble higher-quality Aventurine. Any dye applied to either Light or Dark Green Aventurine makes it non-therapeutic.

Therapies and Procedures


Two Light Green Aventurine necklaces are used to make a relatively healthy organ so strong that it will be nearly immune to disease. This tonic can also be used to gently purge an organ of toxins without causing an imbalance in the rest of the body. One Light Green Aventurine necklace is worn around the neck, and the other is placed directly on an organ.


Dark and Light Green Aventurine necklaces are used to promote maximum detoxification and healing in a particular organ. Dark Green Aventurine is worn around the neck to saturate the organ with its healing energy and to expel disharmony. Light Green Aventurine is placed on the organ, where it uplifts the organ's vitality by directing life-giving energy toward the organ's healthiest cells.