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   Aging and Age-Old Questions
   What Happens When We Age?
   Introducing Aquamarine Water
   How Aquamarine Water Restores Youth
   Energetic Liquidity: The Opposite of Aging
   Aquamarine Water: Fountain of Liquidity
   The Body’s Crystals: A New Look at Aging
      Potential Crystals: Carriers of Vitality
      Manifested Crystals: Culprits in Aging
   Revitalizing Your Body’s Crystals with Aquamarine Water
   Longevity’s Secrets Unlocked

Aging is an inherent part of life’s great cycle. Yet, as natural as it is to age, so is it natural to wonder how we can avoid the seemingly inevitable decline that comes with age. Must the wisdom and grace won by years of living be spoiled by a loss of comfort, mobility, and power to achieve? Must health and strength disappear just when we’re getting the hang of life? We hear reports of “exceptional” people - farmers in northern climates, saints in eastern mountains - who live with vitality and vigor far past the century mark. We instinctively sense that they are living the most “natural” lives of all. And so we wonder: is it possible that aging’s negative effects are not inevitable at all, and that deep within our cells we have a capacity for infinite renewal?

To meet an ever-growing demand for longer and healthier life, researchers all over the world are striving to unlock the secrets of longevity. As they begin to uncover the causes of age-related decline, they are discovering new ways to prevent premature aging. Their findings have yielded many approaches: dietary changes, exercise, special supplements, and others. Yet the essential questions remain: What makes our bodies and minds wear out? And perhaps more pressing: how can we reverse the negative effects of aging or even prevent them altogether? This booklet offers some surprising new answers to these age-old questions.

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When we are vibrantly healthy, our bodies’ cells are functioning at their peak. They use nutrients and eliminate wastes efficiently, and they contribute fully to the health of the entire organism. We can say that a healthy cell is one that is doing a good job of following the “blueprint” for how it is supposed to work.

Indeed, within every cell lies its “blueprint” for optimal health. Of course, unlike an architect’s blueprint, a cell’s blueprint is not a physical drawing. Instead, it is a pattern of energy frequencies. This pattern provides the cell with an ideal picture of how it should function and how to repair itself when needed. The information in our cells’ blueprints allows us heal to from anything - whether it’s the flu, a paper cut, pneumonia, cancer, sunburn, or a broken heart.

As we age, cells tend to “forget” and stray from their blueprints. Over a lifetime, as we experience times of less-than-ideal nutrition, emotional ups and downs, environmental toxins, and the general stress of living, these experiences leave their marks on our cells. These cellular deposits are both physical and energetic. They obstruct the cells’ “vision” of their blueprints. When the cells cannot read their blueprints clearly, they naturally begin to stray from them.

When cells stray from their blueprints, the cells’ functioning and structure move away from the ideal. Dysfunction, illness, and other symptoms of age-related decline begin to set in. The body’s natural flexibility and adaptability - that is, its ability to respond to and recover from stresses - diminishes. Therefore, anything that (1) helps cells regain their awareness of their natural blueprints, and (2) restores the body’s flexibility and adaptability, will foster health and longevity.

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Aquamarine Water can do both these things. This extraordinary substance uses the healing energy of the gemstone Aquamarine to reawaken our cells to their blueprints. Aquamarine Water also keeps the cells’ attention focused on their blueprints and thus helps reestablish the cells’ adaptability. This effectively reverses the negative effects of aging and lets us tap into our inner reservoir of radiant vitality.

Since new ways to use therapeutic gemstones were introduced some fifteen years ago, many people have enjoyed the diverse and profound benefits of wearing therapeutic gemstone necklaces. They have experienced firsthand that gemstones are concentrated sources of life energy that can be used for healing. When used properly, the life energy in gemstones can be harnessed to treat a wide variety of conditions. When one wears a therapeutic gemstone necklace, the gemstones’ energy is radiated into the energetic field, or aura. From there, the gems’ healing energy can dissolve blocks in the flow of life force throughout the person’s being to address and heal the very causes of illness.

Each type of therapeutic gemstone employs a unique focus in the way it helps one heal. For example, when one wears an Aquamarine necklace, the Aquamarine fosters awareness of one’s own inner ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. It brings deep relaxation and fluidity to the mind and body as it awakens consciousness on every level of being. Its youthful essence renews one’s spirit and brings nourishment from a wellspring of spiritual energy.

As its name implies, Aquamarine has a special relationship with water. Aquamarine’s energy resonates with the fluidity of this primal element, both on our planet and in our bodies. In part because of this resonance, water can easily be infused with the energy of Aquamarine through the use of a special technique. Drinking the resulting Aquamarine Water brings this vitalizing energy directly to your body’s cells. There, it starts to reverse the negative effects of aging by helping your cells remember their blueprints and restoring your body’s sub-cellular flexibility.

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Unhealthy cells are like a person in a dark forest who cannot see the path that could lead back into the sunshine. Like a compass pointing north, Aquamarine energy turns the cells’ attention toward their blueprints so that they can see their way out of their predicament of ill health. When the cells become aware of their blueprints, they are reminded of their highest potential for health. They can see what they are aiming for. Given this chance, the cells naturally and spontaneously work to attain the highest degree of health possible.

Remember, Aquamarine’s energy also brings awareness. Aquamarine Water reawakens the cells to the presence of their blueprints. At the same time, it helps the cells keep their attention focused there. This further encourages the cells to accept the blueprints’ information so they can begin their return to glowing health.

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To understand how Aquamarine Water helps keep the cells’ attention on their blueprints, let’s look a little deeper - at the atoms that make up our cells, and hence our bodies. Modern physics teaches us that atomic particles switch constantly between states of matter and energy. When the atomic particles that comprise the body are in an energy state, the body naturally takes on more properties of energy. The body becomes more fluid, adaptable, and open to the free flow of life energy. This life energy nourishes and invigorates the cells, allowing the body to evolve and repair itself.

Yet, as our bodies age or become diseased, their atoms spend more and more time in the matter state. The body’s vibrations become denser. The movement of its atoms slows down, and they become more static. When the cells’ atoms spend most of the time in the more rigid matter state, the cells lose their adaptability, and they gradually deteriorate and age. Hardness and rigidity set in, which prevent the free flow of energy. Perhaps most important, cells become unable to “read” and follow their blueprints for optimal health.

Consequently, one secret to maintaining youth is keeping our atoms in an energy state as much - and as long - as possible. Aquamarine Water can help us do this through its extraordinary ability to produce energetic liquidity in the body.

Because of the fluidity and flexibility that characterize the energy state, we can say that when most of a cell’s atoms are in an energy state, the cell achieves a state of energetic liquidity. Thus, the more energetically liquid a cell is, the more easily it can adapt and evolve toward greater health. Energetic liquidity puts cells in the best possible position to heal themselves.

The benefits of energetic liquidity are many. Recall that the cells’ blueprints are patterns of energy frequencies. Because “liquid” cells have more properties of an energy state, they resonate more easily with the energetic frequencies of the blueprints. This resonance allows them to read and follow the blueprints more easily and accurately. For the same reason, liquid cells can also gather life energy directly from the environment, as they need it.

Because in a liquid - or energy - state, space becomes more flexible, liquid cells can also communicate with other liquid cells in the body directly. Thus, they easily exchange information about nutrients, energy management, and needed repairs. Areas comprised of liquid cells are also relaxed, yet highly dynamic. Like Olympic athletes - masters at remaining relaxed while their muscles are working at peak capacity - liquid areas are restful and consume little energy, yet are ready at any moment to spring into action at an optimal level. As more and more of the body achieves energetic liquidity, one feels more vital, strong, fluid, and alive.

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Drinking water infused with the energy of Aquamarine is the quickest and most effective way known to impart energetic liquidity to the body’s cells. Aquamarine Water brings energetic liquidity directly to the cells. If one drinks enough Aquamarine Water, the Aquamarine energy spreads rapidly through the entire body, reaching cells that might not be reached by wearing an Aquamarine necklace. This is particularly true in the denser areas of the body, such as the joints and bones.

Over time, as one drinks Aquamarine Water, the cells become more and more in tune with their blueprints. They can see the goal - the picture of their optimal state - more clearly. At the same time, they begin to lose their rigidity and regain their fluidity and adaptability. This, in turn, makes the cells far more able to undertake the changes needed to reach their goal - namely, supremely efficient functioning and radiant health.

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Aquamarine Water brings its vitalizing benefits to our cells in yet another way. To understand these benefits requires a new look at certain cellular components that play key roles in the functioning of our cells. We may call these components potential crystals and manifested crystals.

When we read the phrase, “old person,” we naturally picture someone leaning on a cane or possibly bent and walking slowly. Certainly, we might envision an aged person as stiff in the joints and having a face lined with wrinkles. All these images point to the hardening, dryness, and rigidity that overtake our bodies as we age. In contrast, when we picture a baby, fresh and new, we imagine skin that is “baby-soft” and moist, and a body that is as flexible as it will ever be.

The evolution from youth to old age is characterized by a gradual shift from softness, moistness, and flexibility to hardness, dryness, and stiffness. Yet these more obvious signs of youth and age actually reflect developments occurring on a sub-cellular level among our bodies’ potential and manifested crystals.

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Potential Crystals: Carriers of Vitality
When we are healthy and young, our bodies have an abundance of potential crystals. Potential crystals are mineral compounds that have the potential to become crystallized but that express their life - and health-giving qualities best when not in crystalline form. Potential crystals include sodium, potassium, calcium, and other mineral compounds.

Potential crystals are essential to the healthy functioning of our bodies. They attract and combine with other helpful nutrients from food, air, and water to create beneficial mineral compounds. They keep these mineral compounds stored in a form that the body can use as needed for nourishment. By keeping the body’s energy currents strong and uninterrupted, potential crystals also support a high level of physical vitality.

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Manifested Crystals: Culprits in Aging
As we age, become dehydrated, or diseased, the potential crystals in our bodies dry out and become solid, or crystallized. When their water is removed, we can say that potential crystals become manifested crystals. In the ocean, dehydration yields sea salt. In the body, dehydration causes the potential crystals’ molecular bonds to break down and re-form to produce manifested crystals - harmful deposits of crystalline compounds that include calcium, uric acid, lactic acid, and others.

The attributes of these crystalline compounds differ in important ways from those of potential crystals. Whereas potential crystals are beneficial to the body, manifested crystals are harmful. Manifested crystals accelerate aging and lead to conditions associated with hardening, inflammation, and dryness. This hardening can occur in muscles, arteries, nerves, organs, or other tissues to produce conditions such as arthritis, bone spurs, hardening of the arteries, scleroderma, abnormal blood thickening, and tumors, both malignant and benign.

Aging cells tend to contain more manifested crystals and fewer potential crystals. The more manifested crystals the body has, the more symptoms of aging we experience.

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The good news is that we can restore manifested crystals to their potential crystal form. But how?

Water alone doesn’t do it. Rehydrating the body by drinking regular water can only rehydrate manifested crystals. It does not turn a manifested crystal back into a potential crystal. These rehydrated manifested crystals are not useful for the body. They lack the potential crystals’ ability to bond easily with other elements to form beneficial compounds. Drinking more water simply helps the body excrete these rehydrated crystals.

Enter Aquamarine Water. The energy of Aquamarine Water is attracted to hardness and rigidity, characteristics of manifested crystals. Drinking Aquamarine Water not only rehydrates harmful crystals; it also helps them return to the potential-crystal form they enjoyed when the body was younger and healthier.

As the Aquamarine Water encourages the cells to become energetically liquid, the cells naturally release the manifested crystals that inhibit their health. Then the Aquamarine Water dissolves these released crystals. It loosens the bonds between their molecules, removing their ability to recrystallize and solidify, while restoring their ability to reconfigure themselves into life-giving potential crystals. As more and more manifested crystals return to a potential-crystal state, the hardening of the cells softens and inflammation diminishes. Your body again enjoys all the benefits of its natural, life-supporting potential crystals.

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Thus, drinking Aquamarine Water is a simple and natural way to help us unlock the secrets of longevity. By stimulating our cells’ capacity for self-renewal, Aquamarine Water can halt, and even reverse, the negative effects of aging. Drinking Aquamarine Water can help us reap the reward that growing older is meant to provide: a deepening and expansion of our capacity for life. Aquamarine Water awakens the wisdom deep within our cells so that our hearts and minds can continue to flourish, and our bodies can go on enjoying the vitality, fluidity, and vigor that are their birthright.

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